Embracing The Unlimited Support Available

Hello beautiful Goddess,

Happy April and welcome to the New Moon tomorrow! Many of us are still in deep releasing mode and this is perfect as the moon wanes and we prepare to welcome in the new energies that the beautiful New Moon is bringing us. I’ve been taking my time to integrate all the lessons from the live event that I co-hosted in Brussels last month and I’ve also spent more time travelling to London for fun family gatherings. Sometimes it feels so good to take a step back and honour the phase we are in.

This month feels so fresh and fun and I am really enjoying all the beautiful flowers and smell of newly cut grass. Hello spring! I’ve also been reflecting a lot on what it means to feel supported – both in life and in our sacred businesses. This topic comes up all the time and there are so many layers to it. I’d love to explore how you are embracing the unlimited support available to you.

One of the most important messages that I feel called to share with anyone who feels like listening is that you are deeply loved. There is nothing you need to do or be in order to deserve this love – it is your birth right. And the more we open up to feeling this love for ourselves and also accepting it from others, the more we open up to support. This support is everywhere and comes in so many different shapes. It can come from the physical world like family, friends, soul family and animals and it can come from the spirit world.

What I have discovered is that the more we pay attention to this the more we discover just how much support there is.

If you are intuitive you probably feel this support often and know that you are surrounded by angels, spirit guides and all sorts of beautiful beings. And yet I find that so many of us (myself included!) forget and get caught up in doing our work on our own. It’s like a practice that we are being called to come back to every single day.

It’s so interesting because 2 years ago I recorded the video below and it still really resonates with me. I share my story about not opening up to support and feeling that I had to support everyone else. I’m sure I’m not the only one! I also share a couple of powerful questions that I would for you to answer.

EnJOY the video and please share with your tribe if it resonates.

Questions for you:

What would it feel like to be fully supported?

What do you need right now to feel this way?

I am so passionate about helping others relax and open up to receive all the support that is always available. It makes me sad when I watch women around me beat themselves up because they aren’t doing enough and feel exhausted. So many of us learn this as young girls and unless we release this belief and pattern we keep reliving it – and passing it on to our children.

It doesn’t have to be this hard. Life is a blessing and there is so much love, guidance and joy available to us at all times.

When we tap into this field of love and compassion we discover a whole new world. I know that this can feel impossible or just really challenging so this is why I have created many ways to support you on this journey.

Tomorrow I am offering a free live call where we will gather in circle and go on an inner journey where you will (re)connect with your Life’s Purpose and by doing so focus your energy on manifesting that big (or small) dream that keeps calling you. Together we will join our hearts and souls AND call on our collective support teams to make this call so powerful and potent. Also, I will share a super special offer on this call so you don’t want to miss it!

You can find out more and sign up here.


It’s always best to attend live but if you can’t make it there will be a recording for everyone who signs up.

I’m also offering three possibilities to work with me as we do need time and dedication in order to shift the old patterns and tap into the new energy that we are calling in.

If you need powerful and transformational tools to help you clear your energy, heal what’s holding you back, set purposeful intentions and embody the Wise Woman within I am opening up the doors to the Clear Your Path & Shine Program on April 25. We meet in a private Facebook group during 8 weeks and you will receive 8 beautiful e-books with videos and guided meditations to help you move through life with so much more ease and flow. In this program I share the techniques I use to stay focused on my purpose and in alignment and I would love for you to feel supported by them too.

Find out more and sign up here.

If you are an experienced healer, teacher and intuitive and long for support from a group of kindred spirits then I would love to welcome you into the Sacred Soul Sister Circle that starts on April 25. This Circle is a safe space where you can bring up anything you are going through and we will meet for 8 weekly live calls. These calls are intimate, loving and we will do powerful guided meditations that support you exactly where you are right now. I won’t be teaching you any new techniques but you will receive tailor made support from me (and a group of max 10 women) in a sacred circle setting. If you are the one holding space for a lot of people in your life (or business) and long for a space to be held and seen just as you are then this is for you.

Find out more and book your space here (limited to 10 women).

If your Sacred Work is calling you to embrace more success, a leadership role, bigger impact, employees or anything that really stretches you in big way and you need 1:1 Mentoring to support you. This offer is for you if you long for powerful intuitive guidance and energy work to support both you and every part of your beautiful business. Wise Woman Mentoring includes my dedicated attention to you, your wellbeing and the success of your work. Maybe you are doing really well but need someone to hold loving and safe space for you to allow your purpose and path to unfold with as much ease, flow and joy as possible.

You are doing Big, Deep Work and you want to enjoy this blessed time in your life without holding back or feeling like you are missing something.

Find out more and book your space here (only 2 spaces in April).

If you want to meet me for a free 30 min Discovery Session to see if my work and energy is a good fit for you, book your session here.

You are amazing! Every day you show up and offer your love and presence to the world. Don’t underestimate who you are and the gifts you have to offer. Honour yourself. Honour your journey and give thanks to Life for giving you exactly what you need to grow and expand at this time.

You are a beautiful light and you are loved and supported just as you are.

Sending you so much love,






PS: Do you realize what a powerful co-creator you are? Let’s spread some love and change the world :). I’d love to spend time with you on the Live Call tomorrow. Sign up here and join us.


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