Hello dear friend,

As the moon is waning you may feel tired and as if your whole being is urging you to release and let go. Listen to your inner guidance. This time of the moon cycle is such a great time to clear your energy and make space for the new moon to enter (on Thursday in Europe).

If you feel like cleaning your house, your car or your garden, now is a great time to do it. Sometimes the call to release is more focused on letting go of feelings, patterns or inner struggles and fears. Whatever calls you is your inner voice telling you what you need right now. When you listen and act on your own intuitive guidance it becomes stronger. Listening and taking inspired action is also a great way to build trust in yourself.

If you need help to release and recharge your energy, I’ve created this guided meditation that is really powerful and a process I use daily to clear my energy and stay focused and grounded. Click here to read more and download your own copy.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the last two videos in my happiness series, if not you can find the first one (Start Where You Are) here and the second one (Feel Your Feelings) over here.

This week we’ll continue to explore the next step of this happiness journey. Let’s go! Choose Happy: 3. Love Yourself Up. Click below to watch the video.

I hope the message in this video resonated. Please share what came up for you and how you feel about loving yourself as you are. Please share below and I would love for you to share this video with your friends and tribe.

Have a wonderful, love-soaked week and happy new moon!

Sending you warm hugs and kindness,






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