Hi there beautiful soul,

I hope you are soaking up the sunshine and giving yourself what you need to fill up your well. When you take really great care of your body, mind and spirit you are not only being kind and generous towards yourself but also to others. I used to give so much and not stop until I was wiped out and had no energy left at all. Can you relate? That was obviously not sustainable so I had to find another way.

Putting myself first and satisfying my own needs felt really selfish at first but now it has become a natural act of self love.

I can see how this helps me create more space so I can give even more. When you feel whole and abundant inside and in your own life you are saying YES, bring in more, to the Universe. If you wish to attract more clients or make new awesome friends you need to release what is preventing them to enter your life and create space to meet them.

The more I let go and live in alignment with who I truly am, the more I can hold space for new clients and bigger projects.

How did the last week prompt go? If you didn’t watch it yet, click HERE to find it.

This week we are exploring the next step of this happiness journey and it’s such an important one. Choose Happy: 1. Feel Your Feelings. Click below to watch the video.

I hope you enjoyed the video and I would love to know what came up for you as you watched this video. How do you feel right now? There are no right or wrong here, only what is true for you in this moment. Please share below and share this video with your friends if it resonates.

I wish you a sweet week and hope you look after yourself the best you can.

With so much love and joy,


PS: You are beautiful.


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