Hello dear soul sister,

How has your new year been so far? I had such a sweet, peaceful and love-soaked Christmas holiday and after three days at a retreat and another couple of days with family I am filled with the desire to stay connected to my inner spaciousness.

Last year I longed for adventure and to explore new things so when my husband suggested we spend Christmas at a monestary I said yes. I really struggle with the excessive consumerism and the constant focus on the gifts starting in the fall and up until Christmas day. My intention is to feel the magic in life every day. Not only one day of the year because that’s when I will recieve a bunch of gifts. So the idea of sharing the true meaning of Christmas with a small group of very devoted brothers and sisters up in a small mountain community really resonated.

Just to clarify: I don’t belong to any organized faith or community. I believe in Source (unconditional love) and believe that we are all One. I’ve had an eclectic spiritual practice for many years now and have always been fascinated by faith. As a little girl I used to go to church with my grandmother in Romania and I still remember the smell of incense and everyone singing and celebrating. During my travels around the world I often stopped at churches, small chapels and temples. And I love connecting soul to soul and heart to heart with other people and with Source.

So how was our time at the monastary? Lovely. Peaceful. As soon as we arrived I felt a deep sense of peace and spaciousness in my heart. The more I opened my heart, the more love and grace I received. I realized that I spend a lot of time giving and being of service and this time in silence and prayer was a gift for me to receive fully.

To be totally honest I also had moments during mass when I was so triggered by past life memories coming up. I remember being persecuted and burnt on the stake. I also had to let go of my judgement of the lack of feminine power in the teachings. It was a great lesson in letting go of what was on the surface and connect with the energy. The energy in that small chapel with a breathtaking view of the mountains was only love, peace and compassion.

Let’s come back to my review of 2015! Here we go:

My Word Of The Year:


FREE. I loved this word and it’s been guiding me throughout my whole life. I’ve always wanted to be free and to make choices based on my own desires and convictions and not to please anyone else or try to fit in. When I chose this word it felt fun, spacious and exciting. What I didn’t realize was that by choosing this word everything that wasn’t aligned with it would come up to be healed. Yikes!

Not only did committing to freedom help me stay focused on what truly mattered to me but it also pushed me to let go of anything or anyone who was not supporting this in my life. This had a huge impact both in my friendships and in my family life. It meant letting go of the toxic relationships and the ones that didn’t quite feel right. Some of these adjustments were pretty small and easy and others were very painful.

My biggest lesson was that I am not responsible for anyone else’s actions and energy. All I can do is stand in my own light and practice clear boundaries in order to stay true to who I am. I kinda knew this already but in 2015 it took a whole new dimension.

The people and relationships that are in my life now are my biggest blessing. I am surrounded by an incredible group of kindred spirits. They are my soul sisters and brothers and we love each other with such ease and flow.

My Dreams That Came True:

In all honesty I didn’t want to look back at this year. I was so grumpy and resisted this part of Leonie Dawson’s workbook so much. I felt like nothing important happened and that I had failed my year. All I could see were the things that didn’t happen or went wrong. I told you I was grumpy ;).

When I ran out of excuses and sat down to look back on my year I realized what a Big Year it had been. Not only did I do a lot of things but it was the year I received the most support. Just thinking of my sacred business goddess group here in France and online brought tear to my eyes. The more I allowed myself to fully receive their gifts in my heart, the more people popped into my mind.

As I let go of my own stories and embraced more of my true self my amazing husband, amazing children and soul sisters (masterminds, friends, family, clients…) were there to hold space for me with so much love and compassion. They see me in a way that blows my mind and by doing so they allow me to fly.

Grateful doesn’t fully cover how I feel about them.

This is going to be a looong post so let’s move on!

// The biggest gift and best investment in 2015 was all the support I received! I ran a live mastermind/sacred business goddess circle here and created a new one online and the women who joined lift me up and blow my mind every single day. Being surrounded by creative, highly intuitive wise women inspires me to expand into my own highest potential. This year I also allowed myself to receive more massages, energy sessions, creative dance workshops, yoga and rest time than ever before in my life. It was so worth it! The better I take care of myself the more I can enjoy life and business. It all starts on the inside.

// I connected with so many incredible soul sisters (aka clients) through my Intuitive Readings, Shine Your Light offers (package of 4 readings throughout the year available again this year here), Intuitive Coaching (about to transform into Soul Alignment Mentoring ), a brand new coaching program Clear Your Path & Shine that I ran twice and Healing Sessions.

// I had the intention of offering one channeling workshop here in France and ended up offering four! They were super intense, deeply transformational and fun. Each time I expanded my intuitive skills and embraced the light leader within me.

No Limits! Banner

No Limits! The European Event for Heart-centred Entrepreneurs – Brussels – March 4-6th 2016

// I co-created the No Limits! Event live in Brussels! My friend Joanna Hennon and I had the crazy, inspired idea to create a live business with heart event here in Europe and it’s taking place in Brussels on March 4-6 this year. This event has already helped us to expand and embrace our leadership skills in so many ways and it’s going to be an incredible event! This is a truly unique experience and tickets are limited so find out more and join us here.

// I joined Hiro Boga and a lovely group for her programs How To Rule Your World From The Inside Out (it starts on January 18 and you can sign up here) and Become Your Own Business Adviser. I loved assisting Hiro in the forums and to deepen my relationships with the devas. I learnt so much about being a loving and sovereign leader from Hiro and her programs keep supporting me in my business and life!

// I ran my free e-course 7 Days To A More Intuitive You again and I also created a longer version called 30 Days To A More Intuitive You. It was so amazing to connect with more kindred spirits and to witness their incredible growth.

// I was one of the guest teachers in my friend Jackie Stewart’s amazing Soul Sanctuary and will be doing this again this year. I’d love to connect with you there! Find out more and book your space here.

// I spent a whole month in Sweden with my family. I felt a strong pull to connect with my roots, my ancestors and to visit a few of the places where I grew up. It was so powerful to revisit the past with fresh, adult eyes and we all loved this journey so much. I feel at peace with where I come from and have fully embraced my past. It was so magical to connect with the land and to come back to my soul’s home.

// I spent an incredible week doing powerful healing work with my soul sister Belinda Pate-Macdonald in Cathar country in Carcassonne and the surrounding area. I had never done anything quite like this but felt divinely guided and so supported by Belinda to embrace this sacred journey. It helped me release some deep patterns and memories, allowed for this in others who connected with us during this journey and opened me up to embrace my inner healer.


// I wanted to travel as much as possible and was so happy and grateful for my incredible long weekend in London, hugging my soul sisters IRL, attending my very first Shining Academy meet up and spending time with my childhood bestie Sara, a few trips in France and our month in Sweden. More of this please, dear Universe :).

// I learnt a lot more about systems, branding, SEO and social media. My sweet husband gifted me a new mobile phone with an internet connection so I finally created an Instagram account and absolutely LOVE it. A dear friend offered to support me with her web expertise just because she loves my work and believes in me. Such a generous gift! I also invested more in beautiful design to up level my brand. This always feels scary but every time I reach out to the amazing intuitive designer Melissa Cuzzilla I am in awe of how aligned and high vibing her work is.

// My voice became clearer and I started sharing more personal moments and stories. I intend to explore more of this in the new year so join my Love Letter list here to be the first to know. Also, being the secretive Scorpio that I am I usually share more with this tribe than anywhere else.

My Dreams That Didn’t Come True:

After counting all my blessings from last year I am totally OK with not reaching all my goals. I feel very much at peace with last year and ready to embrace 2016 with open arms. But here we go:

// I didn’t double my income. At first I was so disappointed and felt like such a failure. I allowed myself to wallow a bit and feel all the feelings. And then I started to really look at the numbers. It turns out I made more money than I thought and instead of having big highs and big lows throughout my year my income was really steady. That’s great news! I did increase my revenues by 40 % and that feels pretty amazing.

// We didn’t find a bigger house to rent. When I look back on last year I realize that we need to end the cycle we are in before we can move on. I believe it’s part trusting that life gives us exactly what we need so there is no need to push. And the other part is to shift our mindset around abundance and wealth so we can expand our capacity to receive MORE goodness in our lives.

// I didn’t do any public speaking. I’m totally fine with this and co-creating the No Limits! Event in Brussels, where I will also be speaking, is a great leap towards this dream.

// I didn’t travel to Cuba or Canada. It was such a full on year that I’ll just keep moving this to the 2016 list of places to go.

We made it to the end of this post! I am beyond grateful for last year and am already mapping out the new year. I feel equally excited and overwhelmed by all the ideas and dreams taking shape.

How about you, beautiful soul? How was your year and how do you feel about it? If you haven’t reviewed your year yet, I invite you to take the time to do it now. Listen to your intuition and do it in a way that feels good to you. If you need some support I wholeheartedly recommend using my dear friend Leonie Dawson’s beautifully illustrated and very powerful workbooks and planners.

I truly believe that when we look back and celebrate our wins and release our losses we are free to move into the new year with more clarity and the high vibing energy to dream our wildest dreams into being.

If you feel guided to connect with me for a powerful intuitive reading, filled with healing and love, I still have spaces left here. And if you are amping up your support this year I would love to connect with you for the Shine Your Light package (a great deal for 4 readings at the beginning of each season). Read more about what my gorgeous clients from the past years have experienced with this offer here.

I wish you a sweet, joyful and miraculous beginning of the year!

So much love and gratitude,






PS: If you get your workbook and/or planner from Leonie Dawson through my affiliate link by January 15 you may be one of the 3 winners of a 30 Intuitive Reading with moi.













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