Dearest You,

This is just a short post to remind you that the amazing Creative Goddess e-course starts on Sunday April 1st and goes on for 6 incredible weeks. I did this e-course in December and it completely changed the way I see myself as a creative being. I love painting and I do it from time to time but Leonie opened up a door to a very different way of bringing out the essence of what I was was creating.

If you long for inviting more creativity in your life and if you feel like sharing this deeply healing and transformative journey with the most generous and loving Goddess Tribe, join in!

I loved doing this e-course and it was great to be able to do each week’s assignments at my own pace. It honestly changed my life and helped me become even more focused on my Soul’s Purpose.

As a direct result of going through with the Creative Goddess e-course I have now created my very first IRL workshop and it took place last week-end. Teaching gorgeous souls how to reconnect with their Spirit Guides was a dream come true and I am still smiling when I think of all the beautiful moments spent with them.

Thank you Leonie and thank you to all my incredible Goddess Sisters! I am actually meeting up with one of them this week. Is that pure magic or what!?

I am wishing you a glorious evening!

Much Love, Karina

PS: If you have any questions at all about the e-course, just drop me an e-mail and I would be happy to answer them : ).

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