Hello dear friend,

I am so happy to have the space here to connect with you. I never take that for granted and am always touched when someone reaches out to let me know that they were inspired by something I shared. So thank you for being here!

Last week I was deeply immersed in a channeling workshop that I held at a friend’s house. It was so deep, rich and love-soaked that I once again remembered why I love this work so much. The powerful moment when I witness you as you discover another gift hidden inside you. Although the lovely women who attended were all quite experienced energy workers, some of them expected it to be a challenge to channel messages from their spirit guides.

And then the miracles started unfolding. They opened up, let go of old thoughts and stories and the communication started.

Their spirit guides were so loving, compassionate and at times hilarious. They showed up fully and it felt as if we had always been doing this together. We cried, hugged and laughed so much. The first phase of a workshop like this is often a clearing out. The guides support us in letting go of what’s holding us back from hearing their messages. Sometimes we know what is being released and sometimes we don’t. It doesn’t really matter. What’s important is to surrender as fully as we can and let it all flow through us.

When our energies are all clear and sparkly we can hear our guides and the bond becomes stronger. I love listening to the messages that come through and there is always a sense of relief and of wonder. Wow! I can really do this. I thought it was only for other people.

I’ve decided to create more live workshops and gather more circles of women (and men :) ) so we can all learn from each other and expand, blossom, grow together. I love creating sacred space and holding it with as much love and kindness (and courage!) as I can. I feel truly supported by the guides, angels, ancestors and all our allies. This time I also invited in the devas of the house we were in, the deva of the workshop and a few more and it was so powerful.

I love collaborating with the devas and have learnt so much about this from the amazing Hiro Boga. You can read more about her work here and also sign up for her business program BYOBA here. It’s truly transformational!

You probably know how much I love sharing about intuition and inner guidance so today I created a short video for you where I share about how I ask for signs from the Universe. If you like this video, please share it with your friends and I would love to know what signs you have received lately.

I’m off to play outside in the sunshine now! EnJOY your day and I hope to connect with you soon.

With all my love and gratitude,


PS: If you are ready to join me and  a lovely bunch of soul adventurers, sign up for my new e-course 30 Days To A More Intuitive You here. The Facebook group opens next Monday (March 23) and the course starts on March 30. I would love to see you there!

PS again: You can find my others tips on how to connect with your intuition here: #Tip 1, #Tip 2 and #Tip 3. Enjoy!


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