are you supporting others too much

Hello beautiful souls,

I loved our discussion in one of the posts I shared on Facebook 2 days ago (if we’re not Facebook friends I’d love to catch up with you here). I’ve been doing a lot of work on my root chakra so the topics safety, support and abundance have been popping up everywhere. At the end of my Kundalini yoga class the message: I can’t support everyone came to me so strongly.

Of course with my mind I know this, and it’s not something I am struggling with at the moment. What made this such a deep message for me was how it made me feel. I could feel waves of sadness welling up inside me as I fully realized that what has been my truth from childhood wasn’t actually true.


I am not here to suppport everyone.

I am here to support myself first and then I can support as many people as I can hold space for. As an intuitive I support others in everything I do. That’s ok and I feel happy and honored by this. My boundaries in my work are quite strong and clear. Where it starts getting tricky is in my personal life. I love talking about the deep life and death stuff with pretty much everyone I meet. I’m not very good at casual talk and superficial conversations so I tend to have deep conversations not only with my family and my friends but also with the cashier at the grocery store and the old lady who lives next door.


Being close to others and sharing what really matters in life is what I do and who I am. Or is it really?

As I dive deeper into this life long pattern I realize that I am creating this reality and when it goes really far it consumes my whole life and there is no space for any other conversations or kinds of relationships.

So, is this a part of me or did I learn that I am here to support others or else I am not valuable to others? This has been an interesting journey as I dive deeper and deeper into my old patterns and stories around who I really am. Finding my true identity behind all that I do and am to others.

If you are a women and do work where you support others, chances are that you are experiencing this too. The video I share today is about where it all started for me and how I am changing this old pattern one step at a time.

I hope you enjoy it. And please share in the comments:

  • What does it feel like to be fully supported?
  • What do you need right now to feel this support?


I wish you a beautiful day and hope you feel radiant and supported by everything and everyone around you today!






PS: If you long for 1:1 support to move through where you are right now, I’d love to connect. You can find my mentoring offer here and single 1:1 sessions here. Or click on the image below and receive a powerful guided meditation to feel the support + receive guidance from your soul team.


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