If you were totally free to choose anything you want, what kind of life would you live right now?


Guess what – you are. You are free to choose your very own dream life and only you can know what this looks like. Over the last couple of weeks I have had the immense privilege to teach spirit guide workshops both online, in Belgium and in Sweden. It’s been super intense and I am slowly easing back into my life here in France.

As I am being guided to move deeper and deeper into those layers of emotions, patterns and memories that hold us back and prevent us from seeing clearly what truly is I am reminded how much we mirror each other. My struggles are you struggles and your victories are also mine. What keeps coming back is that at some point we forget that we are free. We lock ourselves into lives that seem perfect on the surface (big house, great job, cute kids and handsome husband) but we start feeling empty and lost. Of course there is nothing wrong with having a nice house and a good job as long as this is truly your dream and not someone else’s.

As part of this society we are being bombarded with images of what a dream life should look like and sometimes we buy into this and stop listening to our own voice.

Are you living YOUR dream life or is it someone else’s?


Today I can honestly say that I am living my dream life. I love living in an isolated part of France where I can connect with trees, mountains and all kinds of nature spirits only a few steps outside my front door. I love how quiet and beautiful it is here and there is a great sense of community between the older and younger generations. Everyone knows my children’s names and help is given and received freely without any strings attached. My days are mostly slow and I can balance my country life with the excitement of connecting with amazing people all over the world through my readings and coaching on Skype and by e-mail. I have so much fun writing in Swedish, English and French and often feel like I am travelling without having to leave my village. I am doing the work I love the most and am so, so grateful every day for being chosen to support such brave souls who are longing for more depth, freedom and purpose. I feel so free to invite more of what I love and let go of what doesn’t feel right.

I also know that this life I have chosen for myself and my family is not everyone’s dream life. I don’t own much and I rent a tiny house and drive very old and scruffy looking cars. I don’t spend much money on material things and don’t make tons of cash.

No matter how much money I make I feel abundant. I know that I am deeply loved and that what I truly need will come to me.


So, sweet soul, what do you dream of? What is your dream life? I invite you to write down – and do! – one thing today that will take you a step closer to living your dream.

And remember that we are all in this together. My victories are your victories and your challenges are also mine. We are all walking this path together, as brothers and sisters. The more I do this work, the clearer I can see this beautiful light that shines in all of us. It is always inside you. Close your eyes and feel it in your heart.

I wish you a beautiful week!

With deep love and gratitude,






PS: If you are looking for clarity and guidance to move forward (or better understand your current situation) I would love to work with you. There are spaces open for readings and coaching from next week and on.





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