I have felt the pull in my heart for a while now. I knew deep inside me that I had to go outside and celebrate the Spring Equinox. I visualised myself in some of my favourite spots out in Nature but none of them felt right. I set my alarm clock on 5.45 (ouch!) and thought I’d improvise when choosing where to go.

All week I have been longing to sit outside in my garden but my neighbour is renovating his house and there are people coming and going all day (and making lots of noise!). Now this felt right! So I went outside, a cup of hot tea and some rose incense in my hands, and I sat down under one of our olive trees. I sat down in the middle of my stone spiral and savoured this moment. I was alone. Outside. Heaven!

The birds were singing and my cat was watching them attentively ; ). I have read that the Spring Equinox is a moment when a door opens up and I thought that sounded exciting. I just sat there and waited. For something to happen. For some kind of sign. And I really enjoyed this precious moment with nothing particular in mind.

That is when it happened. Very slowly I could feel my heart opening up and expanding. At first I was surprised that what I had been waiting for was happening inside me but then I just breathed through this moment of grace. It was so beautiful. It was such a subtle and slow sensation and at the same time it felt very powerful. I sat there, breathing, for a while.

When I opened my eyese again the moment was over. The light was a whiter shade and the dusk had given place to the morning. The colours and the energy felt very different and when I turned my attention to my heart it felt as usual. Magic!

I am so grateful for having a Soul who whispers to me and I am so happy I listened to it. I don’t always do that. Most of the time I think I am too busy.

What is your Soul whispering to you? 

Today I am packing my bags to go to Sweden and I am so excited. This feels like a Very Special Trip as I will be hosting my very first workshop and attend my very first Spiritual Fair. I am looking forward to eating cinnamon buns (it’s a Swedish specialty!) and meeting amazing people.

I feel that this trip will be a turning point for me and my Soul work. I am finally showing up as I am and I’ll be sharing what I love the most with others. Thank you Great Spirit for being with me and for encouraging me do this : ).

I am sending you so much Love from my corner of the world to yours,


PS: I will be sending out my monthly Love Letter today so if you feel like receiving a mega dose of Love and Sunshine you are welcome to sign up : ).

PS2: It’s free!

PS3: As most of you don’t live anywhere near Sweden I have created a gorgeous e-course for you. It’s packed with all the tools and Love you will need to Communicate with your Spirit Guides. If you sign up by April 1st (hi, hi ; ) not only do you receive a 10 euro discount but you also have a chance to win some pretty amazing prizes!

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