Dearest Light Leader,

You are radiant being. When you connect with your Heart, you can feel your whole being expanding. Breathe in this love. Allow yourself to receive the beautiful and powerful love that is here for you. For YOU.

You feel called to be of service, to help others, to help them heal, transform and embrace MORE of who they are. This is why you are here. You feel called to reconnect with love daily. You know that you are loved, that you are supported by All That Is.

You are a beacon of light. Your radiant inner light shines so brightly and others can feel it. This light transforms you. It helps others transform and heal the wounded, blessed parts inside them.

You know the power of light. You know the power of love.

As the year comes to an end, take the time to honour yourself. Acknowledge just how far you have come. Give yourself the time and space to grieve the losses and the things that were not meant to be. Release, let go so you can feel the tender spaces inside you again.

Celebrate! Give thanks for the offerings that the Universe, Source has showered you with this year. Allow the gratitude to take you over and surrender to the waves of love. Because you ARE love.

You are blessed. You are divinely supported on this Path that you have chosen. And you will chose it again. The Path of Light and Darkness. The Path of Courage and of Guidance. You have been through many lifetimes and each time you grow stronger and your heart expands. Each time you embrace MORE of your divine being. Until you feel whole again.

You know that we are all one. You know that we are ONE. You can feel it. Your deep connection to Spirit shows you the way. The way back home. To love. To joy. To the Awakening.

So our invitation is for you to keep walking. One step after the other. Keep your heart open, your soul in alignment and with steady steps you move forward. By BEing who you are, you show others the way. They see you do this and they see themselves. This is powerful. This is so important.

Keep walking one step at a time. With purpose. With passion. In LOVE.

Channelled by yours truly


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