I’m starting to feel excited and curious to find out what this year will be like. I’ve heard so much about the famous 2012 that I can’t wait to see for myself what this year will be like.

Every year I feel that this year will be great but I can honestly say that I believe that 2012 will be very special. During the last 3 months I have been so amazed by all the wonderful people I have met online and IRL and I feel that next year will be the one when I get to create some awesome projects. I’ve been putting off starting my own business for years and now I’m doing it. So much has happened in just a few months that I truly feel like anything is possible. I’ve got huge dreams and I’m so excited to realize them!

The 2012 Yearbook and Planner
Leonie’s 2012 Yearbook and Planner has helped me to ask the right questions and to dream big. Leonie also asks us to choose a word as a theme for next year. The first one that popped up was success but considering that all the projects I say yes to right now happen instantly I feel that Balance would be a better theme for me. I think that now that I’m putting my energy and focus towards my real goals, they can be achieved.

2011 has been a very intense but great year for me.

This year both my children go to school so I get alone time to create and work on my projects. I feel happy and strong and I am making so many connections with people around the world. I still struggle with feeling inadequate and not being as good as everyone else but I have received so many sweet compliments and encouragements that it doesn’t matter : ).

What are your dreams for the New Year?

I send you so much Love and Light and wish you a magical 2012!


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