1 Day Intuitive You Immersion

1 Day Intuitive You Immersion

Do you long to live a life filled with love, purpose and passion?

Are you feeling called to do more in this life, to be more of who you truly are and to step into your life’s purpose?

Are you tired of playing small and only using a part of your amazing inner and outer resources?

It’s YOUR time now. The power is always within you.

It’s time for you to say YES to the support you’ve always dreamt of but didn’t know existed or didn’t allow yourself to receive.


I am offering 3 2 spaces to work with me one on one in a 1 Day Intuitive You Immersion. This is the first time I offer an opportunity to work with me this closely and you can expect deep soul work and incredible growth and transformation. When you say yes to yourself and your desires in this way you open the door to so much more in your life. I will suppport you wholeheartedly and share everything I’ve learnt and taught in the past decade that you need in order to connect with your own power and your own inner knowing.

I see you. I hear you. I hold you in a loving, safe space so you can unfold in all of your beauty and magic.


This exclusive offer is open to only 3 2 people and you will receive a full day of intuitive guidance, coaching, healing, LOVE and anything else you may need in order to embrace your deepest desire.

Yes, I am ready to book my 1 Day Intuitive You Immersion with you now!

Investment: 800 US $/620 euros

What you will receive:

  • A full day (8 hours) of my undivided support and love + one 60 min follow up session 2-4 weeks after this day
  • My personal guidance through very powerful meditations so you can go deeply within and experience profound healing and breakthroughs
  • Channelled messages from my spirit guides to help you see what is really going on in your life on a deeper level
  • Support to help you release and heal anything you need to let go of in order to fully shine your light
  • The tools I use to connect with and receive clear messages from my spirit guides, angels and other allies
  • Guidance in order to clear your own energy and to keep your energetic vibration and boundaries strong and healthy
  • So many more beautiful gifts that will leave your heart and soul overflowing with love and gratitude
  • You will be showered with love, grace and infinite amounts of support

You are saying YES to:

  • 1 whole day of dedicated time to support you
  • All the tools, guidance and coaching you need to go from where you are now to where you want to be (even if you don’t know where that is – yet)
  • Very powerful and loving healing sessions throughout the day
  • Getting crystal clear on what you truly desire and setting the right intentions for you
  • LOVE! So many unconditional, expansive, wildly generous amounts of love
  • Lots of laughter and immense joy
  • YOU

This is for you if:

  • You long to develop your intuitive skills and live a life aligned with who you truly are
  • You want to communicate clearly with your spirit guides and other allies
  • You feel lost or so emotional that you don’t know how to access your intuition
  • You feel like something is missing from your life and you know there is more to explore and experience
  • You have lost your joy and want to feel happy and inspired again
  • You already use your intuition but want to commit to listening deeper and sharing the journey with others in a more powerful way
  • You are at a crossroad in your life and want a new job/house/husband/more adventure!

I would LOVE to share this 1 Day Intuitive You Immersion with you

and I can’t wait to watch you open up and embrace your light, your purpose and your deepest desires.


Investment: 800 US $/620 euros


It is already here.

You are always loved, always supported.

All you need is to say YES and commit to this journey.

You choose to say YES to yourself, to your soul.


Words from the people in my tribe:

“I want to thank you from my heart for being such a beautiful person, your beauty and light shine thru so magnificently in your work and even in each email. I love how encouraging you are that we do have help and love from our angels all the time. Thank you, thank you! And to let you know, the reading I had with you was monumental in me letting go during the most fearful parts of my healing. Even tho at the time I felt it was impossible to move on, that I had no idea how to transform my life, I kept reading the notes I took from what you channeled and it kept growing on me. And now I am free of nearly all that felt so difficult before. Your loving guidance is so powerful and grows even deeper with time. Your vibration of love is so solid! I feel that this is so rare and unique.

You do have a special talent of making others feel that love is the truth, and that we can be loved even materially and with physical needs in our lives. To let life LOVE us. And to treasure our heart and our feelings. That was SO helpful for me. You are so unique and beautiful, it shines out, and I hope you really see it too”


melissaC“Wow! Karina you are just one of the most lovable, gentile, compassionate and understanding person I have ever connected with so easily for the first time in just a matter of minutes….” Melissa Cuzzilla 

“I completely recommend Karina for any intuitive guidance. She is beautiful soul with a beautiful gift from the Divine that deserves to be shared with you and the world.” Megan Koufos

“She emits such love that it makes sense that the spirits that surround her and share are also filled with love. The entire experience has changed my world for the better. My heart, my soul, my life is expanding in ways I had only dreamed. Karina is blessed with a truth and guidance that will help you to move along your path AmyMillerwith a full heart and a more radiant soul. Thank you, Karina for sharing your gift with me and the world.” Natasha

“I highly recommend Karina to anyone who needs guidance or clarity in any aspect of their life, she will without doubt be able to help. I will definitely be calling on Karina in the future again, she really rocks!” Amy Miller



IMPORTANT: There are only 3 2 spaces open so if you know this is for you, get in touch quickly.

If you have any questions or wish to know more about this 1 day immersion, I would love to connect with you by e-mail here.

With love and gratitude,



Karina Ladet is a soulful and creative mum, intuitive reader, coach, writer and teacher who helps people to trust and develop their own intuition. She offers intuitive readings and coaching, and teaches people how to communicate with their spirit guides both online and in Europe and Australia. Karina is also passionate about spreading messages of love and soulful living. Her mission is to support people who long for a more inspired and meaningful life and this is something she also embodies in her own life. After years spent working in the corporate world as a communications manager and living in many different countries, Karina is now happy living her dream life. She is a mum to two young children and the wife to an amazing French husband and she spends her time enjoying a simple life in a village in the south of France.



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