Question: Is It Safe To Channel My Spirit Guides?

QprotectionHello dear friends,

First of all I want to thank you so much for your beautiful response to my very first video where I channel my spirit guides. I was so nervous about publishing that one so your lovely comments and support mean so much to me. Thank you!

How are you feeling today, lovely soul?

I feel like I’ve been swept up in a whirlwind of action and so much is happening right now. I finally leaped and joined B-school, my upcoming 3 retreats are filling up nicely and I’ve been guest blogging + writing A LOT. I’m so honored to be featured in the amazing Jackie Stewarts gorgeous new e-book 23 Ways To Live With Love, alongside some incredible teachers like Lee Harris, Alexandra Franzen, Joanna Powell Colbert and many more. You can download this e-book for FREE on Jackie’s website here. (you don’t have to do anything to receive it!)










I also have the pleasure to write about 5 Ways To Nurture Your Soul over at the lovely Prerna Malik’s website The Mommy Writes. I’m so honoured to be one of the expert columnists in her beautiful community. If you’re a mom, this website is a goldmine : ).

Now, let’s get back to today’s very important question: How can I protect myself when I connect with my spirit guides?

I love this question and I hear it a lot. Although I’m not a big believer in the dark and dangerous forces (what we focus on grows…) I do think it’s important to be centered and grounded when we open up to other realms. When I learnt how to channel in a workshop over 13 years ago our teacher taught us a very simple but powerful way to create a sacred space where we invite our spirit guides. I still use (and teach!) this technique and I would love to share it with you in my upcoming retreat.

What I can share with you today is that the keys are to be grounded (feet firmly rooted in the soil or through the floor if you’re inside), to invite in a highly vibrating energy inside and around you and to have a very clear intention. I can be a scatterbrain at times but when I channel I always have a clear mind and set the intention of who I wish to invite into my sacred space. Observe how you feel and only ask for the highest and most loving guide to connect with you. This has always worked for me and I’ve never connected with anything weird or negative. And remember that YOU are the master of your own inner world. You can choose who and what you invite into it and if you feel uncomfortable or afraid, be very clear about your boundaries.

Being very clear and very grounded are your pillars when you channel

And I encourage you to trust your own voice and your gut feeling. If something feels off, trust that and come back to a space where you feel safe. Only you can know what feels right and this can grow and change over time (it most likely will!). The same goes when you meet with others to do spiritual practices. No matter how friendly and charismatic someone can be, always trust your own voice. I’ve had some amazing experiences in working with groups but one time I was invited to do a shamanic journey and my inner voice was telling me no, don’t go there. The journey was facilitated by a friend of mine and my mind couldn’t find a single reason to not do it but my inner voice was very clear. I decided to trust myself and it felt so right and quite empowering.

You are a powerful and sovereign human being. Trust your own voice. Trust your heart and soul when they whisper to you.

If you are looking for a very loving and supportive group with whom you can learn how to connect with your spirit guides and angels in a safe way, Danielle Dove and I would LOVE to have you join us for our virtual retreat on March 22-23. Are you ready to SHINE?

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I wish you a beautiful day, filled with happy surprises and miracles!

With so much love and gratitude,






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