Clear Your Path And Shine

Hello beautiful soul!

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I’m Karina Ladet, an experienced and heart-centered intuitive reader, healer and mentor, and I am offering you a unique opportunity to join me for a super powerful and deeply supportive group mentoring program that will help you align with your highest path and purpose so you can call in the next level of your life or business.

I created this program in 2015 and when the amazing participants started sharing their big breakthroughs and huge shifts:

  • Starting new businesses
  • Expanding current ones
  • Letting go of life-long pain and struggle
  • Standing in their own power in really challenging situations

I knew that I had to offer more in depth group experiences.

As my lovely clients started clearing out their old patterns and pain and said YES to their deepest desires and soul purpose I felt the call in my heart to step up and support them. 

I am here to support you every step of the way.

This program starts on April 10 and we journey together until July 9.

How much support are you ready to allow into your life?



Topics we will dive into:

Week 1: Set the foundation and create a safe space to journey

Week 2: Release, clear your energy and let go of the old

Week 3: Create the time and space you need to start a new chapter

Week 4: It’s time to truly love yourself

Week 5: Time to heal and integrate the wisdom (INTEGRATION WEEK)

 Week 6: Inner guidance versus fear

Week 7: Connect with your incredible support team

Week 8: Meet your inner wise woman

Week 9: Time to heal and integrate the wisdom (INTEGRATION WEEK)

Week 10: Step into your vision

Week 11: Come full circle and receive all the gifts

Week 12: Celebration and closing the Circle

Is the Clear Your Path & Shine Program for you?

This is for you if:

– You are ready to say YES to the next big step in your business or life

– You are sick of letting your fears, blocks and old patterns hold you back

– You know deep inside you that there must be another way of doing things (there is!)

– You are ready to embrace your intuition and use your gifts fully

– You can feel that next level but don’t know how to expand into it

– You are tired of feeling unsupported or of receiving support that isn’t right for you

– You long for an intimate and loving circle of soul sisters who see you as you are

– You love to play, have fun and be creative

– You love growth and deep transformation


This is NOT for you if:

– You are still waiting for the perfect time before taking action

– You aren’t ready ready to make yourself a priority

– You aren’t willing to do the inner work and take responsiblity for your own stuff

– You aren’t ready to receive support to help you grow your business or life

– You aren’t willing to invest in yourself

Kind words from my lovely Clear Your Path & Shine clients:

Amanda Ewin, Lifestyle Coach, The Lilac Lounge

PriscillaB“Working with Karina is like coming ‘home’ she embodies such beautiful feminine gentle loving energy with ease. She holds this beautiful space for everyone to really shine their own light.

My biggest highlights from the course were having a safe container to be vulnerable. I actually didn’t realise how much space and energy was being held for me until the course finished.

I would not hesitate working with this Goddess.”

Priscilla Bradshaw, Intuitive Healer & Transformational Coach, Conscious Intuitive Living 

Caroline95“I was in a lonely place, a place of fear, and not truly knowing, who I am, or what I am supposed to be doing, let alone feeling comfortable getting out there and speak about it. I had a vague idea, however not a very clear one. I was still hiding, I realise now, before I started on the beautiful journey with Karina and other beautiful souls, April 2016.

Nowadays, a year after my course I see how much I have stepped up, how much I learnt to shine my own light, like a light house, strong and deeply grounded. No need to dash back and forth anymore. I have a clear message. (I am a Heart Flow Healer, I assist my clients in opening their doors to their hearts, so they can be back in the flow of love). I feel more proud of who I am and embrace what I am doing fully. I feel more grounded and accept who I am with all nuances. I am stepping into my soul calling more and more each day.

I loved the Clear your Path and Shine Course with Karina very much. First of all Karina is an amazing Intuitive Healer, and holds the space for everyone in the course. You can actually feel her loving presence. Secondly, I love love love how we exchanged in the sacred Facebook Group, how we could all relate to others, and how free I felt in sharing deep buried things that came up. I felt nurtured loved and supported all the way through and I can still draw from that energy even now.

I can highly recommend working with Karina, be it in 1 on 1 sessions or in any of her courses.

Sit down, listen to your heart, if it says yes, then take the leap. I know you will be fully supported and will benefit tremendously from working with Karina.”

Caroline PalmyHeart Flow Healer,

KarinB“I did Karina’s program Clear Your Path & Shine last year, mainly because I wanted to take energy work more seriously and really integrate it in my life, to support my growth and development as a heart-centred entrepreneur.

I couldn’t have chosen a better mentor. Karina creates such a warm, safe, light and easy-flowing space and shares lots of great tools for clearing, grounding, meeting fear, healing, accessing intuitive guidance and more.

I thought the timing might not be great for me as it was a really busy period in my life, but if anything, the program helped me keep things light. I love that I have Karina’s meditations to listen to over and over again.

She is a wise, loving and supportive space holder, mentor and healer.”

Karin Bosveld, life & work coach for women who work with people, spiritual teacher,

“I have this new-found respect, awe and love for myself!”

“After lots of clearing and crying I have made space for this big creative energy within me. It is giving me lots of new ideas!”

“I’ve incorporated new and easy self care habits to honour and nurture my body and soul.”

“Pain turned into healing.”

“I felt the love from the universe in such an amazing way.”

“I thought I was unable to channel but I did it!”

“I have started my business and am launching my new website this month.”

“My days are now filled with much more love, creativity and joy. I feel more at peace, centered and empowered.”

Yes, I would love to join you!

Investment: $444


or 3 payments of $160



More info:

– Registration is now closed.

If you choose the 3 installments, you will only pay the first one now and the two following in May and June.


More kind words from my wonderful clients:

“Karina’s reading was spell-bindingly beautiful. It is absolutely, hands down the most accurate reading I have ever received. EVER. And this is coming from someone who has had a bazillion readings from some really well known readers.

Karina’s reading blew me away – she knew deeply and absolutely what I was going through. She gave me clarity and compassion and wise woman wisdom on what I needed to do.

Every single one of her words resonated as truth. I wholeheartedly recommend Karina and her intuitive guidance. She is an incredible woman with incredible gifts.”
Leonie Dawson
, author & women’s teacher,

fornewsletter“My intuitive session with Karina was brilliant and resonated with the deepest part of me. She has such a compassionate and gentle nature, I felt immediately connected to her.  She quickly got right to the heart of what was so important for me to hear with incredible accuracy and depth.  I felt much lighter, reassured and filled with faith after hearing her guidance.  It was like she wrapped a blanket of love and safety around me that has energetically stayed with me for a long time.

Lori Portka, Artist,


Step into our Sacred Space:

My vision for this group mentoring program is to offer you support adapted to exactly where you are right now. If you spend a lot of your time and energy caring for others, chances are that self-care and your own dreams and desires are at the bottom of your long to do list.

My intention for this journey is for you to re-connect with your inner wise self

and fully realise how loved and supported you are. 

You are being guided every step of the way.


Even if there are people in your life triggering you and pushing all your buttons, I am here to remind you to take a step back and see what is really going on. Every challenge in your life is like a golden door, leading you to your biggest gifts.

I have been guided to offer this intimate group experience, so that you and I can connect from heart to heart, from soul to soul and explore this crazy, magical and soulful journey together during 3 months. I see us sitting in circle, drinking hot tea and laughing, crying and leaning into each other.

This is my vision and deepest desire for our beautiful time together. I will create a clear, loving and powerful container where I will hold space for you to step into who you truly are. With the right support and a willingness to say YES, anything becomes possible! In your heart you know this is true.


Are you ready to release what no longer serves you and embrace who you truly are?

Book your space now 


Investment: $444


or 3 payments of $160



More info:

– Registration is now closed.

– If you choose the 3 installments, you will only pay the first one now and the two following in May and June.


Would you like to meet for a free 30 min Discovery Session to find out if we are a good fit? Book HERE and let’s connect.

PraiseLine“I can’t believe how Clear Your Path and Shine has been timed with my own progress of creating and launch in my own business! It has been such a smooth, synchronistic journey to get here, and I know the energy from this program, Karina & the guides has been empowering me all the way. Every week the theme and e-books have been perfectly aligned with my own progress. The heart has powers to plan and create synchronicities that the mind knows nothing about – and this course has proven that in such a wonderful way! Thank you, Karina!

Coaching with Karina is always loving, peaceful and empowering. It isn’t even that much about the words being spoken, it is more about the energies and the healing of the space she holds for me. I always come out feeling more centered, loved and at peace with myself and the world , and that, in my opinion, is what coaching is all about!”

Line Neesgaard, Miracle Maker & Mystic

PraiseJayneV2“I whole heartedly recommend journeying with Karina Ladet as her loving guidance really does support you in getting to where you want to be. The videos are a treat to watch and always left me feeling so inspired and so loved.

I felt as though Karina put her whole self into her work with me and I feel very blessed to have worked with her. The ebooks are a feast for the eyes and the sessions were a cocktail of laughter, love and movement forward. Thank you Karina…”

Jayne Vargas, channel and intuitive


Why receive guidance from me?

KarinaLadetMy life hasn’t always been as good as it is now. When I was 7 years old my father died and for many years I felt cut off from my feelings and was too afraid to trust or love anyone. It wasn’t until many years ago when I started waking up spiritually that I realized that my father would always be by my side and that I was never alone. I devoured books on spirituality and gradually my world started shifting.

During a trip to the Açore islands (where some people believe that Atlantis was situated) off the coast of Portugal I met someone who told me about channeling. I instantly knew that this was something I had to learn!

About 16 years ago I attended a channeling workshop and I can honestly say that this experience changed my life forever. I reconnected with a part of me that I didn’t know existed but felt very familiar.

Channeling means becoming a channel between our spirit guides/angels/God/Goddess and us humans. After many years of practice I now receive very clear messages from my spirit guides and I also transmit the incredibly loving and healing energies that they are here to share with us. I feel like I have gone through many initiations in order to be an as loving and clear channel as I possibly can. In addition to the big shifts I have felt on a spiritual level I am also very grateful for all the lessons I have learnt as a very physical human being ; ).

I used to feel pretty cut off from my body and spent most of my time either in my head or in other realms but being a mom to two small children has definitely forced me to get right back into the present moment. It is very important to me to have a good balance between the spiritual aspects of life and our every day life as human beings. During a reading with me you can expect very deep connections, lots of laughter and sometimes tears. 

If you feel lost or unsure of how to get back on your Path I would love to help you find the light so you can find your way home again. I believe in you. I know that you have all the answers and everything you need inside you. I also know how easy it is to get lost and forget what you came here to do. If you are ready to reclaim your power and want loving support on your journey, sign up for this group mentoring program with me and we will do it together.

I would love to help you connect with all the amazing support that is always available to you and watch you soar.


Are you ready to say yes to all the support and guidance that is here for you?

Join me for 3 months of love, joy and deep soulwork.

 If you have any questions or wish to know more about this very special offer, I would love to connect with you by e-mail here.

With so much love and gratitude,


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