Time to be Silent

It’s funny how the pace around this time of year just seems to get faster and faster. And yet our bodies and souls are telling us to slow down. To get quiet. To listen. Or is it just me? This week has been pretty busy because I’m working on making my Swedish blog look all pretty and professional and then I’m doing the same for this one. I feel like I should be working really hard and be very effecient.

Yet when I sit down and close my eyes I can hear the inner call for stillness. For silence. For quiet time with myself. So I set a couple of goals and stick to those. I keep working but I do things one step at a time. And I also set aside quiet time for myself. Last week-end I spent one morning working on my texts for the blog and another couple of hours drumming on the top of my favourite mountain. That was a great balance.

Accepting what is
Now I try to accept this. Accept to be doing less. I do the best I can and I can see myself taking one step further towards my dreams. Aaaah, that feels good! I’m doing ok. And I feel ok. And then I wait. I wait for the winter solstice on December 22 when the light comes back again. When the wheel starts turning again. And I feel the call to light a fire and do a small ceremony as I read that Pink Coyote Pixie Campbell will be doing with her women’s circle. I’m a sucker for ceremony ; ). And fire ; ).

I wish you a warm and sweet evening.

Love, Karina

Listening to my inner rythm

I’m trying to listen to my inner voice, to my inner rythm right now. I have sooo many practical, creative and tehnical things to do in order to start my business big time in January but my energy levels are pretty low at the time. Lots of ideas are buzzing in my head but my body just doesn’t want to move. Or just a little bit if I give it biscuits and tea afterwards ; ).

Taking baby steps
So, what do I do? Well, I’ve decided to take baby steps. I set goals and do a couple of Really Important Things almost everyday. That makes me feel like I’m doing what I need to do in order to achieve my Big Beautiful Goal. And then I realx, I drink tea and I go for walks with my children.

It sounds pretty simple but as I am writing this I realize that it has taken me a loong time to actually listen to my inner rythm and act upon it. It feels great to do so. Finally : ).

I hope you’re taking care of yourself and listening to your Soul.

Warm hugs, Karina

A Time of Transformation

It’s been going on for a while now and I can feel it coming big time. Something is changing on a very deep level for me right now. I’ve decided to start my own business and do what I love doing most in life. Listen to my inner voice and help others do the same. I keep coming back to this time after time. We seem to get lost and find our way back home again. Over and over. And each time we learn something new. Or deepen our knowledge in some area.

Taking the leap
I think of myself as a pretty fearless and courageous person but I think I used to be. I’ve come to realize that I’ve been putting of the scariest stuff until “later”. OK, I’ve had two babies, moved house a zillion times and figured out what I most want to do with my life ; ).

I just feel it in my bones that now is the time. It’s time for me to stand up for who I am and what I have come here to offer the world. It feels very special and huge right now but I’m really taking the time to let it all sink in.

I’m living My Life. I’m fullfilling my Life’s Purpose. I like the sound and taste of that : ).

Thank you to the Goddess Circle!
I also wish to thank all the lovely souls I’ve met so far in Beautiful Leonie’s Goddess Circle.

Jackie Flower Spirit, Stella Seaspirit, Queen Loran ; ), Robin, Jo at Crafting the Sacred, Meztl Moon Woman and Margot.

I’m so used to doing things on my own that I had forgotten that it is possible to be independant and have lots of great support. And it is so much more fun and gorgeous!

Oh yes, I live in paradise and this is what it looks like:

Lots of warm hugs, Karina

Meditation on 11/11/11

I had been thinking about this day for a while and I hade a vision of how I wanted to spend my day. I had pictures of mountains, drumming, a  close friend or two and silence. Instead of listening to this call I ended up assisting a group meditation in a very hot zome with lots of people and a lot of singing and a guided meditation.

I don’t have anything against guided meditation or groups of people ; ). It’s just that I knew what I longed for and decided to – once again – ignore this feeling and let someone else guide me. It was ok and I wanted to have this experience but I have a strong feeling that I need to act on the cues my soul are wispering to me. Ok, sometimes it is actually yelling it in my ear, ha, ha!

I am my guide
This is becoming clearer and clearer to me. I have to satisfy my own needs instead of waiting for someone else to do it for me. I am my own guide and I know what I need to grow and mova forward.

Not that long ago I  didn’t know what I wanted. I felt like trying a couple of things out in order to find out. This time is over now and I need to adapt to this. It’s time for me to step up and give myself what I know is calling to me. This feels great and scary at the same time. And that’s ok. I can live with uncertainty. I can live with change. In fact I really like change (I’m a Scorpio ; ). What I can’t stand is to repeat the same situations over and over.

After the group meditation I walked further up the mountain with a close friend of mine. We went to our favourite spot, here:

And I drummed and drummed for what seemed like ages. It was so great to feel the rythm of the Earth under my feet and to feel this amazing and at the same time grounding energy fill my body. I was born to do this. To drum on the top of a mountain. Offering my Love and Light to the World. Afterwards we picked a card from my Guardian Angel deck. My card said: You need peace and quiet right now. Mmm.

I felt so great and full of energy and on my way home I saw a beautiful huge bird. It came back twice for me to see it. Thank you : ). This is what happens when I nourish my soul. This is what it feels like when I  trust my gut feeling. Thank you.

I wish you a wonderful day!

Warm hugs, Karina

Full Moon Board

Wow! This was so much fun! Thank you Jamie for this awesome idea : ). I had a great time choosing the images and writing. Oh yes, and the glitter ; ).

Here is mine:

I thought it would be full of money, work and other serious stuff but what came through was Love, Happiness, Laughter, Freedom and Travel. I’m very happy with that and it does feel like me ; ).

I really want to be able to make a living doing what I love to do but somehow I still feel that the most important things remain the same as always.

I wish you a great evening and I hope you take the time to enjoy the gorgeous Moon. Wherever you are. And whether you can see it or not..

Love, Karina