Money Manifestation Mastery

Money Manifestation Mastery

Hello beautiful friend,

The last couple of weeks have been so intense and very emotional for so many of us. Last week I shared some of my favourite ways to move through challenging times and I hope they were helpful. If you missed it you can find the post here. Today I’ve got the immense pleasure to share not only my amazing and wildly inspiring soul sister Lara Waldman with you, but also her brand new book – Money Manifestation Mastery – 5 Steps To Abundance Activation.

Lara is an incredibly powerful healer and manifester and I have learnt so much about money and financial freedom from her. I’ve been working 1:1 with Lara for over a year now and also joined her Abundance Activation program last summer. Her work and the program are so powerful and truly amazing and she has now written a book with all her powerful techniques, practices and guidance from Source.

Lara is one of my favourite people in the world and her work, energy and guidance are deeply transformational and so expansive. Plus she invites lots of joy, play and loving healing into everything she creates. 

In this interview the lovely Lara shares her story and her powerful new book with us. If this resonates, I think you’ll love her new book!

Discover and pre-order your copy here. 

Find more about Lara here. 


In this book you will learn:

  • The 5 Steps To Abundance Activation
  • The true purpose of Money Manifestation
  • How to manifest money in alignment with your Soul’s Purpose
  • Why it’s part of your purpose to be Wealthy!
  • The connection between Money and Your True Power
  • The connection between Money and Self Love
I wish you a peaceful and lovely week!
Sending you so much love,
PS: If you wish to receive free monthly healing and a powerful guided meditation to receive guidance from your Soul Team, sign up here. 

How To Move Through Challenging Times

Hello dear soul sister,

How are you feeling today? I was planning on creating a very different post today but when I tuned in to my inner guidance I knew I had to dive into what is happening in the world right now. How to move through challenging times.

No matter where you are in the world I see you and I feel you.

So many emotions have been coming up for so many of us. Recent events have unleashed so much fear, pain and suffering. No matter how much inner work you’ve been doing, you may find yourself feeling completely lost and heartbroken. I have felt all the feelings in the last couple of weeks. The old world is crumbling and although we know this and can feel it on a soul level it’s so hard to just surrender and allow Source to guide us home again.

If you are a sensitive, intuitive and empathic soul you are likely to feel everything so deeply that it may feel like it’s swallowing you up. I know what that feels like. First of all I want to say that I love you. I care deeply about how you feel.

I don’t have a quick fix to go from deep pain to feeling super happy. I don’t think there is one. What I do feel called to share are my favourite practices to feel, release and come back to my heart. I believe that these daily practices sustain us and create deep happiness and joy over time.

I created this short video to share my daily practices and you can also find a list of them below if you prefer them in writing. Please add to my list in the comments below because I know you have some great tools and ways to support yourself when you are dealing with big challenges.


My favourite practices to move through challenging times with more ease:

  • Allow yourself to feel all your feelings. What is coming up right now is exactly what needs your attention. Give yourself the time and space to feel everything.
  • Give yourself some healing or reach out to your favourite healer and intuitive. Sometimes we need support to release the pain and open up to receive a higher, more loving vibration.
  • Immerse yourself in Nature. She is our most powerful healer and spending time outside is such a great way to connect with the flow of Life again. Do what feels good to you. Long walks, swimming in the ocean, lying on the Earth or hugging a tree. Tune in and ask what you need.
  • Amp up your self-care practice. Listen to what your body needs and give yourself that. If you feel exhausted, take a nap or go to bed early. Eat food that gives you energy and tastes great. Skip the refined sugar and too much coffee and drink lots of water.
  • Move your body in ways that feel joyful. Go for a run, hike up a beautiful mountain or do a few yoga poses. Really listen to what your body needs. Sometimes it needs slow and gentle movement and other times you feel called to do something really intense.
  • Clear your outer and inner space. When lots of energy is swirling and you feel overwhelmed by it all, I invite you to clear out your home with sage, incense, sound or essences that you love. Then clear yourself with some sage or by taking a shower to wash off all the old, sticky energies.
  • Connect with your heart. Breathe into your heart and feel its rhythm. Inhale love. Exhale love. Receive all the love you need to feel whole again. Ask your heart what it needs right now and listen. This is your center. This is your truth.


Some of my favourite resources:

  • Jackie Stewart’s powerful meditations to help you feel your feelings and release them. Find her free samples and her shop here. Amazing!
  • My free monthly group healing + a guided meditation to connect with your Soul Team. Sign up here and enjoy!
  • Lara Waldman’s awesome videos with great guided meditations for healing, connecting with your inner child and moving through your inner blocks and resistance. Find her YouTube channel here.
  • Lysa Black is a very experienced and compassionate Heart Healer and she offers amazing support through her free videos here.
  • Hiro Boga, master intuitive, is pure magic and she is offering her beautiful Deva cards here and this powerful post about how to be a source of strength during times of chaos here.

I’m wrapping you all up in love and sending you waves of peace, sweet friends,







PS: If you are a big fan of my dear friend Leonie Dawson, check out her gorgeous brand new workbooks and planners for 2017. OMG, so beautiful and filled with power and magic. If you get yours through my affiliate link here, you have the chance to win a free 30 min Intuitive Reading with me. Big hugs to you!

Move Through Challenging Times

Receive free healing + guided meditation to connect with your Soul Team

Hello beautiful soul sister,

How are you, sweet friend? As the year draws to an end we are being called to release everything that isn’t in alignment with our highest purpose anymore and to open up and receive the beautiful gifts we have been given. If your year has been really challenging with lots of deep transformation and big shifts I invite you to take your time with this. Take one step at a time. Honour who you are. Honour your own rhythm and timing.

I know this time of the year is intense for many people and I am so happy to offer you some free gifts to help you navigate the coming weeks with more ease. Every month you’ll receive free healing and as soon as you sign up to my Love Letters here you can download your free guided meditation to connect with your Soul Team.

I can’t wait to wrap you up in love and send you beautiful, high vibrational and deeply loving energies every month. It’s such a great opportunity to give yourself some space to just be still, let go and open up to receive. 

My deepest desire is for you to feel unconditionally loved and supported. Because you ARE.

You are also welcome to listen to the guided meditation any time you feel lost, overwhelmed or you need some support to shift your energy. Your powerful Soul Team is always here and willing to serve and support you in any way you need. Sometimes we get so caught up in busy making and holding space for others that we forget or disconnect from the amazing support that is available to us.

Click here to receive free healing and your guided meditation to receive support from your Soul Team.

I’d love to hear from you after you’ve listened to the meditation and I’ll let you know when the first group healing will take place. You can open up to receive it wherever you are in the world. And if you need some loving 1:1 support from me, find my private sessions here.

I wish you a magical week and may it be filled with ease and joy!

Sending you so much love, sweet friend,






PS: Have you seen my gorgeous new header and graphics! SO beautiful and vibrant. As usual they were created my my amazing soul sister Melissa Cuzzilla.

Intuitive Business Interview – Donna Raymond

Hello beautiful,

As the full moon is slowly waning I am releasing all the old patterns and stories that are coming up. Maybe you are too? It’s so magical how in tune we are with the rhythm of nature when we allow ourselves to be. I’m clearing out my house and making space for the new. Before I left for Sweden I let go of what I thought was the dream house and today I am letting go of my new office space. I know that both were powerful gifts. As I stepped up and said yes to them – and to growing into the person who could hold this much space, beauty and abundance – I raised my vibration and allowed myself to embrace that next step.

The trick is to not stay attached to the outcome or the object itself. Whether it’s a place, situation or person.

This isn’t always easy and can sometimes be painful but this time it felt so natural and it flowed with so much ease. So I’m embracing it. All of it. What I know and what I don’t know. I’m embracing all of it, no matter how messy it may seem. And I lean into my soul sisters. They love me up and hold space for me to be. Without trying to fix me or tell me what to do.

Because they know.

Today I was listening to the recording of my last interview before my new program Embrace Your Purpose starts on Monday and I absolutely LOVE this conversation with my soul sister Donna Raymond. Donna and I met through Leonie Dawson when she lived in Kuranda (in the rainforest in northerns Australia) back in 2013. Being Scorpios and deeply commmitted to sacred work we connected instantly. Donna is also one of those really grounded and hilarious wise women and I loved meeting her IRL.

So today I have the great pleasure to share this gorgeous interview with you!

Donna Raymond, founder of Wise Wombman, is a Sacred Feminine Mentor, Educator and writer, working primarily as a facilitator of Women’s Mysteries, Sacred Circles, Rituals, Workshops and healing intensives. She also facilitates a monthly Womb Temple (red tent) from her home and creates custom made ceremonies and rituals for significant rites of passage, such as marriage, wakes and various blessings ceremonies.

Enjoy the profound wisdom and powerful messages Donna shares in this interview and please share with everyone who needs to hear this!

You can find Donna HERE, and she is also spreading her magic on Facebook and Instagram.

As I am sharing my new program for conscious, heartcentred entrepreneurs and calling in the magical wise women who are feeling the call to join us in September I’ve been inspired to share the stories of my soul sisters in business.

Are you a conscious, intuitive entrepreneur who wants to do your sacred work in alignment with your soul? Have you tried traditional business programs or advice but can’t make it fit with your unique essence and voice? I’d love to connect with you and go on a deeply intuitive business journey together!

Find out all about Embrace Your Purpose – my brand new Intuitive Business Program for Conscious Entrepreneurs – HERE.

My guess is that you know quite a lot about business and you’ve already invested in business programs and coaches. And you love what you do. But something is still missing.

How do you know this? Because:

  • You’re not attracting your ideal clients (or not enough of them)
  • Doing business feels like hard work and you’re sacrificing important parts of your life to keep it afloat
  • You’re not making enough income to support yourself and your family
  • You often feel like there is not enough time, energy or resources to reach the dreams you know are possible
  • You don’t feel joyful, spacious or free as often as you’d like
  • You have an inner knowing that there must be a better way

You didn’t start your own business to work even harder than when you had a job but to feel inspired, in alignment with your core values and free. Me too. It’s time to find your way back to a path that feels truly yours.

This is what I am offering you. A path that feels like YOU.

Authentic. Inspired.

Guided from within.

There will be 2 x 1:1 mentoring sessions with me, powerful monthly live calls, an amazing circle of soul sisters to support and love you, incredible guest teachers (Heart Healer and Author Lysa Black and the Abundance Activator and Healer Lara Waldman), a custom-made essence exclusively for this group by the magical Essence Practitioner Jackie Stewart and so much more!

Find out all about it here and join us by September 26.

Are you unsure if this is the right program for you? Book a free 30 min Business Alignment Session here and I’ll tune in to where you are on your business journey and help you realign to your purpose.

Sending you so much love and joy,


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Intuitive Business Tip: Let go of people, find your tribe

Hello beautiful soul,

I am slowly landing back into my home in France, still integrating the magical journey to Sweden. I was only away for 5 days (2 days travelling and 3 days in Stockholm) but I savoured each moment. It was quite intense and I met a lot of people but there was enough time to walk from one meeting to another and I took every chance to lie on the grass in the city parks and fill myself up with sunlight.

I kept my country-side pace and rhythm as I moved through the big airport in Paris and a busy downtown Stockholm. Watching people run to catch the train and feeling the stress oozing from their tight shoulders and closed off bodies made me feel sad. This used to be my life. 15 years ago I lived in Stockholm and worked long hours, running from one place to another. I used to push so hard and worked so many late evenings and weekends. It was fun back then but I remember how lost I felt when I wasn’t working. It was a great way to escape my feelings, the signs from my body and my true desires.

I am so glad that I woke up and chose a different life. It’s taken me years to create the life I have now but it’s mine. This is my dream life. I love everything about my life and business and I am deeply committed to honouring my own soul’s purpose.

I recorded the video below before I went to Sweden and it’s so interesting because as the powerful full moon is waning (sweet relief!) this topic is exactly what I’m navigating right now. How to let go of people who aren’t right for you and find your tribe.

Every time we grow and expand beyond our current reality, we are being asked to let go. In order to raise our vibration and call in our new selves we are called to release what no longer serves us and make space. Sometimes we can detach from the old patterns/relationships/projects with ease and at other times this is a very painful process.

For me it’s usually quite smooth but I often feel so responsible for others and guilty for letting go of someone who is struggling. This has been a life-long pattern and this time it’s so clear what I need to do to release it. This month has been such a great catalyst for releasing karmic, ancestral patterns and I can feel how much space I am creating in my life.

In this video I share how you can let go of people who aren’t right for you and find your tribe in a way that feels in alignment with your highest path and purpose. I’d love to know what came up for you and please share this video with anyone who needs it.

If you feel guided to join my new intuitive business program Embrace Your Purpose this is the last week. The doors close on Monday September 26 and I’d love to take this journey with you. It’s going to be absolutely magical! And what a gift not only to you but to your beautiful business. If you long for a more prosperous, joyful and powerful business, I think you’ll love this.

Find out more and sign up here.

If you wish to “meet” me and get a feel for how I hold space and if you resonate with my work, I’d love to invite you to my free live calls on Thursday, September 22. Together we will release old patterns and stories and call in the new energies and season. I can’t wait! These calls are always so freaking powerful and the energies we call in as a group of co-creators is so loving and deeply supportive.

Find out more and sign up here.

I also wanted to share some photos of a magical, summer warm Sweden with you. Can you feel the magic and pure joy?

Intuitive Business Tip: Let go of people, find your tribe




I wish you a sweet, peaceful day and hope to connect with you more!

So much love,





PS: You are pure magic. You know this.