2018 New Year Reading + Favourite Practices


Hello beautiful friend,

Happy New Year, my loves! Thank you for being here and for being a part of my dear tribe. I am SO grateful for you and I am very honoured to share my insights and intuitive guidance with you. You are a true blessing in my life. 

2018 is feeling pretty big and brimming with possibilities already! I am so excited to share my 2018 New Year Reading + Favourite Practices with you. I hope you’ll love the video above and towards the end I’m channeling a powerful and very loving message from my Soul Team. I hope it feeds your whole being. And please share with your tribe if it resonates.

I’m also sharing the cards and messages that came through here.

2018 New Year Reading + My Favourite Practices


Intuitive Guidance for 2018:

Buffalo – Abundance: Look deeper into your relationship with abundance. Do you fear not having enough or do you trust that life will always provide what you need? Are you generous with yourself and with others or are you holding back? You are being invited to see just how abundant and supported you are. Count your blessings and feel deep gratitude for what you already have. The more grateful your heart is, the clearer the path is towards receiving more of what you desire. This year will be abundant with blessings!

Virgo – The Priestess Energy – Connect with nature and receive the plant and flower wisdom. Deepen your connection to the Sacred by creating an altar or adding more rituals to your life. Sit in stillness and allow the priestess energy inside you to awaken. You are ready to blossom and fully embrace your inner power and wisdom.

Cat – Secrets: You have done a lot of inner work and you are maturing. The cat people offer deep wisdom and protection and they keep the secret wisdom until you are ready to receive it. Keep growing and open up to receive the guidance available to you.

Embrace The Change – You are opening up to more change this year! Release any attachments to the past and go with the flow. Surrender to your purpose and path. Embrace what comes to you and let Life lead the way. You are always safe and lovingly supported. 

Create Your Reality – Get crystal clear on what you desire and then take inspired action towards your desires. Don’t let the illusions steer you off course. Embrace your power and co-create your reality. Remember who you are and why you are here.

The Goddess Within – It’s time to express your full feminine power and let the Goddess within you awaken. Honour who you are. Walk your talk and remember how powerful and magical you truly are. It’s time to step up and into the Light. Call in all the support available to you and embrace who you are. It’s time to share your gifts with the world and to shine!

I am using the beautiful Sacred Journey Oracle Cards by Lesley Ann Crossingham and the Inner Star Oracle Deck (Magic Edition) by Jo Klima at The Darling Tree.


I am super happy to share some of my favourite practices and tools to dream a new year into being. As an intuitive I always feel challenged to find the right balance between getting clear on my goals, mapping them out in my calendar and being in the flow and listening to my inner guidance. Maybe you feel this way too?

I think that for many intuitives it’s easier to receive the guidance than it is to set practical, down to earth goals and stick to them. For me it’s been a challenge to embrace both aspects as I tend to either be completely filled with the guidance and bliss out OR plan and then push to make it all happen (type A personality, hello!).

This post is a mix of my favourite tools and ways to dream my new year into being and I hope it inspires you. As usual I hope you use what resonates and find your own ways of working and being that sing to your heart. Your gifts are so needed. Find a way to move through the resistance and shine your beautiful light.


2018 new year reading favourite practices

My favourite tools

Leonie Dawson’s Workbook

I’ve been using Leonie’s workbooks since 2011 and absolutely LOVE them. They are both very practical/strategic AND creative/intuitive. I start by doing the closing ceremony and go through the past year (not always fun but SO important and powerful).

When the past year feels complete I start filling out my new year’s goals, wishes and dreams. Some years I’ve finished at the end of January and other years many months later. What matters is that you do this at your own pace and embrace your own rhythm and timing.

I listen to my inner voice when I do this work but when the resistance comes up I work through it.

Don’t let the resistance be a reason to stop and go into hiding.

When I have filled out my workbook I start mapping out my year and fill my passion planner with goals for each month and tasks to do so I reach these goals. This is a great way to see if the dreams that are in my head are actually possible when it comes to the time/energy balance. I check my planner regularly and re-ajust when needed.

I use a big wall calendar to map out my bigger goals like creation and launch of my services (like the Shining Purpose Sisterhood and Clear Your Path & Shine) as well as longer projects like my new podcast (hopefully ready in February!) and my first book.

This big calendar really helps me to see my whole year and I quickly notice if I’m trying to do too much at the same time (hrm…). It’s also a great way to make sure I have enough support to move through the busier times in my business with more ease and flow (instead of suddenly feeling overwhelmed and having to push through).

Some of my favourite things in Leonie’s workbook is the word of the year. This year my words are POWER and AWAKE.

These words are already stretching me in so many ways. Every time I’m being asked to grow and open up to more I ask for the easiest way to do this. Of course it’s not always super easy but I give myself the time and loving support I need.

Every year I create a painting with my word and keep it in my living room/work space so I remember the message. If you haven’t chosen a word for this year yet, my dear friend Jackie Stewart created this beautiful guided meditation here. It’s a free gift and you are in for a treat. Jackie has the most amazing voice!


My favourite rituals

I’m such a big fan of rituals and ceremonies! I love connecting deeper and tapping into the powerful energy network that surrounds us all.

Inviting In The New Year

One of my favourite rituals is to gather with my soul sisters in a sacred place in nature. We take the time to connect with the land, drum, sing, dance and do anything we feel guided to do. We all share what we are letting go of from the past year and show gratitude for all the challenges and the blessings. We also say what we long for in the new year. When this feels complete we all turn around and stand hand in hand in our circle. It’s now time to connect with the elements, our support team and each other. When we feel ready we let go of each others hands and take one step forward.

This is such a simple yet very powerful ritual. When you are present and show up fully, surrounded by people you love, it feels amazing. You can do this ritual even if the new year has already started. It’s never too late to clear out and release the past so you can embrace the now.

Make A Dreamboard

This is one of the ideas suggested in Leonie’s workbooks and I’ve been creating dreambords for 6 years now. It’s such a powerful – and fun – way to get out of our heads and into our hearts. When you ask Spirit to guide you to find the right images and words for your dreamboard you tap into something much vaster than yourself. Let your intuition guide you, have fun and see where this journey takes you!

Create A Daily Practice

This is probably the most important and powerful ritual for me. I’ve created a daily practice that I do every.single.day. Sometimes it takes me 5 minutes and at other times I do it for hours. Although it’s amazing to do big, elaborate rituals I find that my daily ones help me stay on track and keep my energy clear and sparkly. The more I grow – and my business expands – the more important it is to take exquisite care of ourselves.

When you have a daily practice that supports you and helps you stay connected to Source you will spend less time feeling overwhelmed and lost. Find something that works for you and commit to it.

My daily practice is to release, ground myself and create loving boundaries (I created a guided meditation here so you can do this too!). Sometimes I do this while I take my shower and visualize the water clearing my body, mind, soul and then filling me up with golden light. Others times I stand barefoot in my garden and connect with Mother Earth and All That Is.

The next step is to set an intention for my day. I get clear on where I wish to direct my energy and how I want to feel. If I feel guided I also connect with my Spirit Guides (you can learn how to do this here) and ask them what I need to hear or transmit that day. Voilà! I’m ready to greet my day and embrace whatever comes up. I regularly check in to make sure I’m relaxed, focused and in alignment.


Tune In To The Energy Of The New Year

It’s so exciting to tune in to the energy of each new year and there are many ways you can do this. If you are an intuitive/healer/channel just use the way you normally connect with Spirit and ask what the new year is here to teach you. Connect with the energy of this year and ask what you can do to embrace it. What are the big lessons, challenges and gifts that the new year bring you?

I’m loving this year so far and the energy is SO loving, soft and yet very powerful and focused. I feel in complete alignment with who I am and my Life’s Path. 

I’ve been offering Intuitive Readings for many years now and love supporting others to tap into the energy of the new year. If you wish to receive loving support and guidance find out more and book your space here. Or join me for this powerful Release 2017 & Embrace 2018 Master Class on January 18 so we can do it together! Find out more and lock in your space here.


My favourite support to stay on track

A Mastermind/Sacred Business Circle

No matter how great or on track you feel right now, having your own business and/or being on a spiritual path can be lonely and at times very challenging. My number one support is my mastermind/sacred circle. Being surrounded by creative, highly intuitive wise women inspires me to expand into my own highest potential.

Many of us are so used to supporting others but don’t allow ourselves to receive this kind of powerful and loving support for us. If this is you, I invite you to get in touch with what you truly need and ask for it. Reach out to the right people and when they say yes – allow yourself to receive their love.

This year I will offer three group programs – The Shining Purpose Sisterhood that starts on January 31 (registrations are open now!), Clear Your Path & Shine that starts in April (registrations will open in February!) and Embrace Your Purpose in September.

All groups are for women who are ready to embrace this level of support but don’t feel like creating it. You are so welcome to join us and make sure you are on my Love Letter list to be the first to know when the doors open (+ receive extra gifts!).

If you don’t want to invest in support, just create your own mastermind. Reach out to people you feel would be a great fit, get together and set a structure and house rules that work for you. Tweak as you go. That’s how I started my first mastermind a few years ago and it was so awesome. I’ve been refining the structure and energy over time and now know exactly what I need to create the most powerful and loving space and community.


Shining Sisterhood 750x750

Energy Work

Most of my amazing clients come to me because they need support to stay focused and aligned on their path in their lives and/or businesses so I know how important this is. Although I’ve got lots of tools and techniques that I use for myself I also love receiving support from my incredibly gifted soul sisters.

My go to wise women for energy work are Lara Waldman (she is gentle, graceful and offers very deep healing around money and abundance), Lysa Black (super powerful and she knows exactly how to access the deep wounds so they can heal), Belinda Pate-MacDonald (such a gifted healer, channel and her connection to the earth is amazing) and Jackie Stewart (shamanic wild woman, essence practitioner and so great at holding space for all the emotions to flow).

There are so many amazing energy workers out there so let yourself be guided. Trust in your own inner voice and only receive support from someone who feels right to you. It’s so important to connect with practitioners who resonate with you on a soul level and that you feel safe and comfortable with.

Exquisite Self Care

The better I take care of myself the more I can enjoy life and business. It all starts on the inside. After years of not taking great care of my body I now get regular massages, go to yoga, sweat in the sauna, take long walks in the woods and take more time off to rest than ever before in my life. It’s so worth it!

Self care is what you long for. It can be anything from lying in bed for hours and reading a great book to going for a run. Working (even if you love what you do) is not self care so if you have a hard time finding something you enjoy I invite you to explore this more. Connect with your body and ask it what I needs. Listen. And act on the guidance you receive.

Trust that your body knows exactly what it needs. When you pay attention and allow yourself to receive what you truly long for, you will receive more guidance and it will flow.

Time Off To Play

I can get so stuck in my head and completely immersed in my to do list. That’s why play time is so important! Step away from your computer, forget your cell phone and go outside. Take a day/week/month off and have fun. Explore a part of the woods you’ve never been to, go on a road trip with your soul sisters, go to a great concert with your man or go to the movies in the middle of the day.

What did you enjoy doing as a child? What brings you joy? What new thing would be fun to try?


I  love going to zumba, paint, take the train and hike up my favourite mountains. If you think you don’t have time to play and have fun you definitely have to do it :). I often resist stepping away from my work (because I love it so much!) but my best ideas and divine downloads come to me when I’m doing something else.

I hope you enjoyed this post and would love to know what resonated the most with you. And please share your favourite ways to dream your new year into being.

Let’s create more magic together!

Sending you waves of love from a cold but cosy south of France,


PS: If you want to receive support and guidance, I offer free mini oracle readings in my Wise Woman Circle Facebook Group. Click here to join us!



Releasing This Year Making Space For 2018


It’s been a Big Year and it’s time to let it go. As we approach the end of the year we find ourselves in this in between space. I used to really struggle with this time of the year and was so eager to leave it behind me and jump head first into the New, shiny year.

After a few years exploring different practices I have now started to really appreciate and embrace this space before the end but not quite at the beginning of The New. It’s such an interesting space and this week I took some time to sit down and go through this year. I can’t believe how much has happened! Pretty crazy and quite magical, actually.

As the year is slowly coming to an end I am taking the time I need to feel into it. I’m revisiting the wonderful things, people and projects and acknowledging the joy, love and wisdom they offered me. I also go back to the things that didn’t go as I wanted or that left me feeling angry, disappointed or in pain. I allow for all these experiences to just be and release them as much as I can.

As I stop to let go of the old I make space for the new year to emerge. I start receiving images and visions for 2018 and although I sometimes get really impatient I give them enough space to breathe and take shape in their own time.

I notice that each year I am able to let go more and allow for everything to just be, without having to speed up the process or fix anything that feels broken.

If you are struggling to release this year and are looking for some great practices and tools I’d love to share my favourites.

My favourite tools and practices to release the year:

  • I prepare myself for a really cosy time by cleaning out my bedroom and setting up a sacred space filled with candles, crystals, my favourite coloured pens and notebooks. I make hot tea (chai with almond milk and honey) and bring a plate filled with fresh fruit and chocolate.
  • I allow myself to experience my year once again and make sure I do it on as many levels as possible. I feel everything I need to feel again in my body, I dream it, I paint, draw or collage it to access my creative parts and I write in order to understand both with my mind and my heart (my writing is part information, part channeling).
  • Leonie Dawson’s gorgeous workbooks: I’ve been using these workbooks for 7 years now and LOVE the big section at the beginning where we are invited to rant and rave about our year and get it all out on paper. Often such a relief and there is always powerful medicine even underneath the biggest challenges. This practice helps me get crystal clear on what I’m ready to let go of and what I’m calling in for the New Year. I always feels so clear, focused and deeply grateful after I complete this part. If this resonates, get your copy here.
  • Hiro Boga’s self-paced online retreat, Dreaming In The Dark: This is a loving invitation to dive deeply into the past year and call in the New One by using Hiro’s powerful energy processes that go SO deep. If you love energy work and deep soul explorations this is AMAZING. I signed up for the live online retreat in 2013 and I’ve been using this practice every year to release on all levels of my being and open up to receive the blessings of the new year.
  • Connecting with Nature: I love going outside on the winter solstice to do some shamanic drumming and connect with the energy of the land, the elements and the old year coming to and end. I listen and open up all my senses to receive the guidance coming through.
  • Often when I do big inner work my body feels tense or I feel the need to move (yoga, stretching, dance) so I love receiving a massage to release and integrate all the wisdom.
  • Anything that feels right in the moment and expands my mind, body and soul!

When this first phase feels complete and I feel done with the year I start making space for the new year. This process is slower and I usually let it emerge over a few weeks and until I feel complete.

There are so many ways to dive into this potent time of the year. Our feelings are often raw and tender as the holidays season can bring up family and ancestral wounds and pain. Take your time. Sit with your feelings. Listen to your own guidance and feel into what you need right now.

There is no right or wrong way to do this. Choose your own path, always. TRUST that you know exactly what you need to move through this transition time. Give yourself space to breathe. Say no to invitations that don’t feel right in your heart. Say YES to you and your own desires.

Start right here and take one step forward, inward. Listen. TRUST.

releasing this year making space for 2018

I wish you a sweet end of the year and can’t wait to meet you on the other side. This year I am offering a Master Class to Release 2017 & Embrace 2018 on January 18 and I would love to gather on this special New Moon to set our intentions together. Find out more and book your space here.

If you long for loving support and clear guidance from me and my Spirit Team there are several ways for us to work together. On January 31 I will open my brand new Shining Purpose Sisterhood and you are SO welcome to join us. Our soul sisters are already gathering so if this resonates, find out more and join us here. 

I also offer Wise Woman Mentoring, starting in January or February. Two options are now available so you can find the right level of support for where you are now. Find out more and book your space here.

And if you are unsure of what you need and wish to meet for a free 30 min Purpose Alignment Session and a heart to heart conversation (I’m really friendly ;), you are welcome to book your session here.

Thank you so much for being in my world this year and I look forward to connecting more with you in 2018.

Have a blessed holiday season and a magical New Year!

Sending you so much love and so many blessings,


PS: If you need some easy support to stay present and beaming with love during the holiday season, check out my guided meditations here. I use these energy practices all. the. time.

To Be Soul Do Soul

To Be Soul Do Soul


I am SO happy to share this magical new book – To Be Soul Do Soul – written by my beloved mentor and one of my favourite people in the world, Hiro Boga! If you already know and love Hiro and just want to go straight ahead and get this beautiful baby, please click here (you’re welcome :). 

As you may know I love everything about Hiro and have taken all her programs several times over the years. Everything she creates is always so powerful, on point and soaked in love. Hiro shows up in such a beautiful and radiant way both in everything she creates for her business as well as every single post she shares on social media. During these times of huge turmoil and darkness Hiro Boga is a beacon of light. I am very grateful for her presence and for her generous spirit.

I was very fortunate to receive an advance copy of her brand new book To Be Soul, Do Soul: Adventures In Creative Consciousness and I immersed myself in her stories and prompts with so much joy.

To Be Soul, Do Soul offers practical and playful experiments in creative consciousness. Each prompt will inspire you to explore it and dive deeper. This work is very profound and we are invited to experiment and connect with it in our own unique way.

I love the mix between depth, power and play. Hiro is so good and inviting us to be playful as we explore deep questions and big dreams. 

I’ve been exploring some of the invitations in this book and they are like living, breathing beings. Each moment there is something new or slightly different to observe and feel. It’s like watching nature shift and change with each season. 

This is how Hiro invites us to experience her new book:

“Play with the practices in To Be Soul, Do Soul to embody more fully those qualities of soul that are already within you, as seeds or potentials.

Develop greater creativity, understanding, compassion and a sky-wide vision of creative possibilities, as you partner with the inter-dimensional realms of consciousness to create heaven on earth.”

And here is one prompt to start right now:


This is not a self-help book to help you become a better person. It’s an invitation to lovingly embrace all of you and come home to the radiant soul and beautiful human that you are.

If this inspires you or sparks your curiosity, I invite you to find out more and get your own copy here.  Until December 31, you’ll receive two amazing bonuses with your purchase of To Be Soul, Do Soul. 

HiroBogaHiro Boga, MFA, is a writer, teacher, business strategist, and mentor to creative leaders who are shaping a world that works for everyone. She is a pioneer in the field of soul-powered creativity and leadership.

Hiro writes and teaches at the frontier where soul and subtle energy meet artistic integrity, creative freedom, and renewable prosperity in service to a world of wholeness, peace, and provision for everyone.

For close to forty years, she has guided thousands of clients and students through adventures in creative consciousness that result in practical ways to build a better, more beautiful world.

Read more, and enjoy a wealth of free resources, including online Deva Cards, at HiroBoga.com. You can also connect with her on Facebook and Instagram, where she shares daily insights, stories, inspiration and more to accompany you on your journey.


Enjoy your own journey with this beautiful book and if you feel called, please share it with your tribe on your blog, in your newsletter or on social media.

Let’s create a powerful web of love together!

How To Go From Big Vision To Creation

How are you, beautiful soul? It’s been an intense few weeks and so many of my clients are experiencing powerful shifts and massive downloads of energy. I’ve definitely felt this too. Are you struggling with how to go from big vision to creation?
We are being called to release more and open up to receive a higher frequency. Sometimes it feels like dying and being born again. If this is how you are feeling too, I hope you are surrounded by the right support for you.
I’m loving the beautiful connections that keep deepening in my Clear Your Path & Shine tribe as well as in my free Wise Women Circle on Facebook. I’m doing a full moon ceremony there on Friday at 2 PM CET so please click here to join us if you feel called to gather and share this super magical moment. Full moon magic!
Last week I did a really fun Facebook Live to share how you can honour the divine downloads and inspiration you receive to create something very special in this physical reality. So many of you shared how challenging it can be to go from Big Vision to Creation and I have struggled so much with this too.
The energy and skills required to tap into our visions and dreams is quite different from actually sitting down to create them. In this video below I share some of my favourite ways to move through the whole circle of creation without having to push or work harder.
x x

It’s so important for me to allow lots of ease, flow and joy to infuse this whole process and I would love for you to experience this too.

I’d love to know if what I share in the video resonates with you! And if you feel called to dive deeper into this work I have created a Master Class on this topic and we will meet on Tuesday June 20 at 3 PM New York/8 PM UK/9 PM CET/Wednesday June 21 at 5 AM Sydney/7 AM NZ.

This class will be a powerful gathering of soul family and together we will clear out any old patterns or programming that are holding you back from creating that big dream you are feeling called to create. This class is great for intuitives, healers, star seeds and creatives who LOVE tuning in to the creative energies but are being challenged when it comes to manifesting them into this reality.
If you are feeling called to write a book, create a program/offering or manifest a house, amazing relationship or more money into your life this master class will give you a safe space to let go and open up to receive all the support you need.
We will connect from heart to heart, from soul to soul and you are so welcome to join us.
The energies are intensifying and it’s becoming more painful to resist and ignore our soul’s calling. If you are feeling resistance or inner conflicts between your intuive guidance and the reality of life here on Earth, reconnecting with Source and cultivating a powerful practice to allow the energy to flow into a physical creation can really help you channel your beautiful light.

Are you ready to release the resistance and embrace your dreams and visions?

Welcome to this healing and inspiring Master Class!

During this class we will:

– Clear old patterns and fears that are holding you back. 

– Realign your body, heart and soul with your truth and purpose so you can manifest your dreams.

– Reconnect with your powerful and multidimensional Soul Team so you can receive all the support you need to create with ease and joy.

– RECEIVE powerful healing and so much love and expansion.


Click on the payment button below to join us and make sure you have downloaded and installed Zoom before the call (it’s easy and free!).

Tuesday June 20 at 3 PM New York/8 PM UK/9 PM CET/

Wednesday June 21 at 5 AM Sydney/7 AM NZ

There are only 50 spaces available so lock in yours now.

Your investment: 33 USD

master class star seed activation

During this Master Class I will be on video and everyone else will attend by audio only. I will open up the chat so you can ask me any questions you have and I will support you with anything that comes up for you.

I’d love to meet you live but if you can’t attend, this class will be recorded and sent to everyone who signs up.

I’d love to meet many of you on the call and please share this with your tribe on social media, in your newletters and on your blogs if this resonates.

I can’t wait to create powerful magic with you!


How do I show up consistently in my heart-centred business?

How do I show up consistently in my heart-centred business

Hello beautiful soul,

This morning I did a spontaneous Facebook Live inspired by one of the wonderful women in my Embrace Your Purpose program. The topic was: How do I show up consistently in my heart-centred business?

She mentioned that she kept seeing me create and launch big programs, live events and workshops and was wondering how I could do it all.

Isn’t it interesting how different our lives and businesses look like from the inside (for us) compared to how other people see us? Like most people I am often focusing on the next big thing and feel like I’m far from my Big Vision. I have to take a step back and look at what I have created so far. When I do I am filled with so much joy and gratitude.

I love my business deeply. I love living THIS life and I have created my very own version of the dream life. I am deeply committed to showing up fully and I am not willing to sacrifice anything that is important in order to embrace my soul’s purpose.

I believe in an infinite Universe, always guiding us Home.

During our conversation on Facebook this morning I shared some of the key things that I focus on to show up consistently and I also explore them deeper in my upcoming program Clear Your Path and Shine.

  • Honour yourself. Pay attention to your own rhythm and energy levels and embrace them. If you have lots of energy and feel creative in the mornings, do your important work then. Take care of your body, emotions and spirit so you can show up fully and not push yourself beyond what is healthy for you. Listen and trust your own guidance and create a business that feels good right now.
  • Honour your values. Is kindness and integrity important to you? Show up with kindness and set the rules for anyone who enters your sacred business space. Always tune in before you choose what to do or what to invest in. Honour what really matters to you. Your business = your creation. 
  • Connect with your Big Vision. If you are feeling overwhelmed by all the details and the things you “should” do in order to be successful, take a step back and connect with your vision. Let your daily action and everything you create come from a deep connection with your Big Vision. Let this energy fuel you and your business. Remember to keep calling in this power and make decisions based on where you wish to go.
  • Focus on how you want to feel. It’s great to set tangible goals like how much money you wish to make or how many people you wish to enrol in your programs but remember how you actually want to feel. Get clear on your core desired feelings (Danielle Laporte is the expert on this!) and ask yourself how you can feel this way every day. I love feeling free and expansive so I do something that makes me feel this way every day. Sometimes I go on an adventure for a day or I take a day off to just have fun. It helps me enJOY my business and I get so many creative ideas and downloads when I take breaks.
  • Be kind. Are you too busy to be kind to yourself or others? If you want to create a sustainable business it’s so important to take great care of yourself and people you love (clients, collaborators, team members). And when you don’t reach those big goals, remember to be extra kind and compassionate with yourself. Being a heart-centred entrepreneur is a challenging journey and you are doing the best you can. So give yourself a break – and a big hug.

I hope this was helpful and would love to know which ones resonated the most with you. What do you struggle with when it comes to showing up consistently? And what support really helps you?

I’m offering a free Live Call on Monday, March 20 to connect with the energy of the equinox and to help you tune in to the rhythm of nature so you can find the right balance to embrace the new season with serenity and joy. Click here to sign up and I’d love to see you on Monday.EquinoxRhythm

If you wish to receive even more loving support and guidance to create a solid foundation for your business and life I’d love to welcome you into the amazing Clear & Shine tribe. As soon as you sign up you will start to receive the energy support from me and we start the program on April 10.

Click here to find out more and book your space.

If you wish to meet me for a free 30 min Discovery Session to ask me any questions or make sure this is the right support for you, I’d love to connect.

Click here to schedule your free session.

The spring energy is buzzing here in the south of France today and I am so excited to get on a train to Brussels next week. If you wish to join me live at the No Limits Event, a powerful business event for heart-centred entrepreneurs, there are still tickets left.

Click here to find out more and book your space (or contact me if you have any questions).

Sending you so much love and joy, sweet soul,


PS: Your light is needed. Do what it takes to stay clear and connected to your heart and soul.