About Karina

You are a beautiful soul

You are here to shine

My mission is to remind you just how incredibly supported and deeply loved you truly are


Hi, I’m Karina Ladet and I am an intuitive, healer, writer & passionate heart-centered entrepreneur. I work with amazing women all over the world who dream of a bigger and happier life doing something they love. I help them to reconnect with their intuition, remember their deepest desires and follow their hearts.

Who am I?

Ever since I was a child I have been passionate about communication. I love listening to others stories and after travelling around the world what always comes back to me is just how connected we all are. In Lach’ech (I am you and you are me). It is this sense of being connected (not separate) that I infuse into eveything I do. My intention is to spread love and be grateful for every single moment spent on this beautiful earth. I’ve done lots of different jobs throughout my life and I truly believe that we can be loving and connected to yourselves and to others no matter what we do.

I remember holding the hand of a very old and terminally ill man at the hospital at 16, speaking to a heroin addict who was on her way to a treatment place at 19 and inspiring hundreds of people on a stage at 21 – in each moment we can choose to be loving and present with one another. By feeling that love and connection I am also coming closer to myself.


You are another me.



I’ve got a master’s degree in Communications and French, speak 3 languages fluently (and play in another 2) and before I started my intuitive business in 2012 I worked as a Maketing Manager for an internationl recruitment company in Sweden and an advertising and business translation agency in Paris. Although I loved my old life and learnt so much about global communication, business and how to inspire and teach groups I needed to really push my limits before I had the courage to start my business.

I remember the exact moment when my second child was 2 and I told my husband: “I have to to start my business now or I never will”. Either I take that leap or I will have to get yet another “real” job that I know will move me away from my path and purpose. So, in 2012 I started offering intuitive readings and teaching people how to communicate with their spirit guides. And I can honestly say that the scariest moment was just before I started. I kept thinking I wasn’t ready (are we ever, really?), that my children were too young, that I didn’t know anything about running a business and all the other fears that we all need to face. I bet you know what I mean. After that I felt so strongly guided from within that my life started to flow. Whenever I would start freaking out about something the right tool/person/situation would show up. As if my magic. This is also my highest wish for you.


I want to live in a world where we all walk our own path, honing our very own kind if genius

and living a life filled with purpose and joy.


The further I walk on this entrepreneurial path the more I want to remind you that you are free. This is your life. Live by your own rules and don’t let other people’e needs come before yours. I understand that you love you husband, children, parents and friends and want to support them as much as possible. But this is your life. You have the possibility and freedom to go after that dream and to follow your passions.

My Big Why

I do this beautiful work because I believe in you. I know in my heart that you are an incredibly powerful, deeply inspiring and truly supported human being. You were born for a reason and you have your own unique life purpose to embrace and embody. There is so much magic and beauty around you and I am here to remind you to open up and let it all in. You are such a beautiful, bright star and my deepest wish is for you to shine. This world needs more of that, more of you.

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My professional bio + Headshots

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Karina Ladet is a heart-centered channel and she offers intuitive readings, coaching and teaches amazing people how to communicate with their spirit guides and open up to their inner guidance both online and in live retreats worldwide.

Her soulful and inspiring writing has been featured in Happiness+Wellbeing Magazine, Hibiscus Moon, Leonie Dawson, Betty Means Business, Such Different Skies, and she is a regular writer for WildSister Magazine and The Mom Writes. Other collaborations include writing for Hibiscus Moon’s Create Sacred Space with Crystals Kit and 23 Ways to Live With Love: A Book Of Heart-Centered Inspiration alongside teachers and visionaries such as Lee Harris, Joanna Powell-Colbert and Alexandra Franzen.

Karina’s warmth and joy-filled energy come across so clearly and her gifts help so many overcome blocks and challenges in their lives in order to truly step into their highest power. She lives with her family in the French country side and she loves spending time in nature, playing with her kids and hugging trees.

Connect: Karina Ladet | [email protected] | Facebook | Twitter|Instagram



My life today

I now live with my amazing husband and our two children in a small village in the hippie parts of Southern France. My life feels very ordinary and extraordinary at the same time. When I’m not doing my soul’s work or hanging out online you can find me growing vegetables in my garden, going for long walks in the mountains, hugging trees or doing yoga.


With so much love and gratitude,