My Favourite Ways To Celebrate The Summer Solstice


As we move closer to the summer solstice the energy intensifies. We are being called to shed all that excess weight on our shoulders and in our lives. Everything that no longer serves us is calling us to be released.

The more we relax and accept to let go, the smoother it is. And the more we resist, the more challenging it becomes. What we resist, persists.


Being Swedish, the summer solstice is very close to my heart and my favourite time of the year. I can remembering celebrating midsummer as a child and how magical it was to pick 7 kinds of flowers to put under my pillow and how amazing it was to stay up so late while the sun was still up.

It is a time of being in between worlds and there is always magic in that.


Now that I live in France and have embraced my spiritual path, this time of the year has become even more filled with meaning and power.

So, how will you celebrate the summer solstice this year? During the last few years I’ve been gathering around a fire with friends and I’ve played my drum for hours – beyond time and space. But this year my soul is longing for stillness, spaciousness and silence so I feel called to get up very early in the morning and climb up a hill nearby. My vision for this is to watch the sun rise and embrace it all. The peace, stillness and the opening of this new time, the new energies. I don’t really know why, only that it’s time.

I’m also sharing this very special day with you, my magical tribe, and we will gather for two live calls on Monday June 20. You can find all the information and a link to sign up here. I’d love for you to be there live but if you can’t everyone who signs up will receive a recording afterwards.


If you feel like doing something but have no idea where to start, here are some of my favourite ways to celebrate the summer solstice that I hope will resonate for you.

And if they don’t I hope they will spark your own creativity so you find your own way of celebrating. What matters the most is your intention so make it clear.

  • Gather your soul sisters/brothers around you and create a ritual together. The group energy can really make this powerful and it’s great to feel the support of others.
  • Spend time in nature. This day is the longest day of the year so take the time to connect with the rhythm of summer. Breathe in the smell of the flowers and lie on the grass. Experience nature with all your senses.
  • Dance, sing or play an instrument. Music is such a gorgeous way of celebrating and honoring this special day. Don’t worry if you’re not a professional singer or musician, just have fun and play in a way that feels good to you.
  • Create a summer solstice altar. Have fun with this and you can invite your children to participate too. Make space for this either in your garden or out in nature. Go on a treasure hunt and bring back anything that speaks to you. Create your own magic.
  • Light a fire. In some traditions lighting a fire is very important. This is a great time to write down everything you want to release and put it in the fire to let it go. You’re stepping in to a new time.

I love rituals and always make them my own. I encourage you to take what you need from these and add whatever you need to make them feel like YOU.

We are all magic makers and we all have the power to create amazing rituals. Relax and tune in to your own body and the land where you live. A very small garden or patch of land is all you need but if you long to go far into the forest or climb on top of a mountain that’s perfect too.

This is your time and your celebration!
I’ll see you on the other side :).

How Do You Know You Are A Starseed?


What a week! Since last week and the two magical live calls  (you can still sign up to receive the recordings) I had the honour to lead I’ve been immersing myself in stories about star seeds. Wow! Mindblowing (re)discoveries and so much is falling into place for me right now.

Egypt, Sirius, channeling, my travels to Australia and the sacred symbols I’ve been drawing for years now. Everything is connected.

What an adventure this lifetime is! And I love connecting with so many of you. I love how my open heart and the messages that come through me resonate deeply with you too.

I know that this isn’t about me. It’s all about the messages, teachings and powerful energies flowing through. I am so grateful for the blessings and for having the immense previlege to do this Sacred Work.

Every day I am reminded that the time is NOW and we are the ones being called to step up and out into the Light.

If you wish to receive more support to navigate these intense times and your beautiful, important mission and purpose in this life, I’d love to connect with you. You know when the time is right for you to rise higher and fully embrace your soul’s purpose.

If you long for deep 1:1 support to help you release old patterns and wounds so you can embrace and embody your powerful light, join me for Wise Woman Mentoring here or start with an Intuitive Reading/Healing Session.

This week I was inspired to create a video to share some of the ways you can know if you are a starseed. These are only a few examples and I would love to know if they resonate and if you want to share how you know you are one.



Since I shared this video on Facebook so many of you have reached out to say that it resonated with how you feel (and have felt for a long time). I also know that for some of you this is a new discovery. So many of us are awakening and starting to remember our connection to our star families. If this is you, maybe your guides or intuition are telling you it’s time. 

If you need support to embrace this new adventure get in touch and let’s meet for a free discovery session here. And if you wish to explore on your own, I think you’ll love my new meditations here. They will give you loving and clear guidance to reconnect and also ground these powerful energies into the Earth and your beautiful body.

Thank you so much for being here. The Earth needs you. Connect with your soul family and keep saying yes to the next step. Trust that you will be powerfully and lovingly guided.

PS: Click here to join me in my free Facebook circle. It’s a beautiful place to connect, ask questions, receive guidance and support.



Why It Is So Important To Ground Yourself (New Meditations!)

why important ground yourself

What exciting times! This week has been filled with the most miraculous opportunities and gifts coming to me in the most magical ways. I’ve been feeling SO blissed out and beyond grateful. Since publishing my last post about star seeds I’ve received so many beautiful messages and many of you have shared your own stories about star connections. Thank you so much!

I feel very blessed to be where I am right now in my life. Although sharing the work I do with the star energies and who I am was one of the scariest things I’ve done, it’s opening a huge door into my own purpose. The more I embrace my own star connections, the more I embrace my true self.

This week I am sharing more about this and releasing 4 new guided meditations:

  • Connect With Your Star Family & Your Soul’s Purpose
  • Connect With Your Angels & Spirit Guides For Healing & Guidance
  • Connect With Nature & All Nature Spirits
  • Connect With Your Ancestors & Receive Their Wisdom


I can’t wait to connect with you and guide you through a very powerful meditation to receive support from your amazing Soul Team during my two live calls tomorrow Thursday May 19! 

If you haven’t signed up yet, make sure you do this here. I will be drawing 3 gorgeous winners (from those who are on the call LIVE) and they will win a Meditation Bundle including all 4 meditations. Yay! And everyone who signs up for the calls (whether you join live or not) will receive a special discount code available for only 3 days.

And visit my Shop to discover my 4 brand NEW Guided Meditations here!

Today I’m sharing a video where I talk about why it’s so important to ground ourselves. I believe this is important for everyone but especially for those of us who are sensitive, intuitive beings connected to other realms. I’d love to know if it resonates and please share in the comments.


Thank you so much for being here. It takes courage to live an embodied life at this time. You chose to be here. Right now. I am so grateful for your presence and the gifts you bring are so needed in this world. Please keep stepping into your light. Please keep sharing your gifts.

You are loved beyond measure. You are so supported. Feel it.


Are You A Starseed? (Free Live Call & Magical Release Party)


Do you feel a deep calling inside your soul? A yearning that won’t leave you no matter how you try to shut it out, ignore it or get too busy so you can’t hear it? Do you know that you have an important mission and that you were born into this body at this time in order to create big transformation? Do you know that until you find your life’s purpose and fullfill it your soul’s calling won’t stop?

The first time I consciously connected with a Star Being was in 2012. I didn’t know this at the time but one of my beautiful clients asked me to do an Intuitive Reading and as soon I started channeling I could feel the presence of a light goddess from Sirius and she communicated through a radiant, blue light in her third eye. It was so different from when I usually connect with my spirit guides but she was very clear and loving so it was a beautiful experience.

This experience really made me question who I was opening up to and what it meant for me to channel messages from beings from other dimensions and star systems. And this was just the beginning. Over the years I’ve channelled messages from other star beings and have loved reconnecting other star seeds with their star families.

I truly believe we are all made of star dust. We are all multidimensional beings.

In the last couple of months I have received more messages and developed a stronger connection with the star beings (especially Sirius and the Pleiades). Many of my intuitive readings have transformed into star family connection sessions. Once I got over how huge and out there this seemed I have loved every moment of these encounters.

If you are a healer, intuitive or some kind of energy worker connecting with more of your dimensions and the incredibly powerful support team that is available for you creates powerful shifts and an even deeper sense of knowing who you are. It’s as if the inner question you’ve been carrying in your heart all of your life is being answered. There is so much peace and relief knowing. If you’d like to dive deeper into this connection and need some guidance to do it, I’d love to meet you for an intuitive reading/healing session.

I realize that I’ve never talked about this before. I haven’t blogged about it or mentioned anything about this anywhere online. It’s been a magical part of my secret garden and I’ve only had these heart to heart conversations with my clients and soul sisters. As one of my dear friends kept telling me to record a guided meditation so she could reconnect with her star family again after our session it’s been an ongoing inner dialogue going something like this :

  • Everyone will think you’re crazy!
  • This is too out there to be taken seriously
  • How can you explain being down to earth and grounded in real life when you communicate with Star Beings?
  • Keep this inside and only share it with people you really trust or it will be used against you

And this comes from someone who channels messages from spirit guides pretty much every day! I kept releasing my fears around sharing my experiences with you and felt so encouraged by my soul sisters (and my spirit guides) to create this new meditation and share it with you.

I love creating guided meditations ! It lights up my heart and makes me feel like I am being guided by Spirit too. I never write down a script but always follow the guidance coming through. This makes my meditations so exciting and expansive also for me.

When I sat down to create this one I could feel new words and processes flow through me and the energy was incredibly expansive and multidimensional. This is the most powerful meditation I’ve ever created and it blew my mind! My whole body was tingling and I could feel the depth and power of it in my whole being.

I can’t wait to share it with you next week! If this resonates I would love for you to join me for my free Live Calls to Connect With Your Soul Team & Magical Release Party that will take place on Thursday May 19.


Bring a cup of tea or your favourite beverage and let’s explore this more. I will guide you through a meditation to help you connect with even more of your powerful support team and there will be gorgeous prizes for some of you !

Sign up here and let’s connect.

When I sat down to go through my Star Meditation I felt guided to create 3 more meditations to help you tap into more aspects of your soul team. In each meditation you will be guided to connect with your Ancestors, Nature and all the Spirits there and your Angels & Guides. I am so happy to share these meditations with you and can’t wait to watch you receive all the amazing support that is here for you.

So save the date and let’s meet for some deep soul work next Thursday. Sign up here to find out more about the live calls and choose which time works best for you (or attend boths calls!).

You are loved. You are so suppported. You are divinely guided. Remember.


Guided Meditation: Connect With Your Support Team

I’ve meant to share this powerful guided meditation ever since I got back from the No Limits Event in Brussels in March and here it is! I hope you enjoy it and please share with your friends. So many of us have the old habit of doing things on our own. Sometimes it’s because this is what we’ve been taught and other times it’s due to painful or disappointing experiences when we trusted in others and it didn’t work out. 

Asking for support and opening up to receive the right kind, in a way that feels good and in alignment with who we are is a journey. I’ve been in great relationships with friends, partners and business colleagues and also in ones that didn’t work out at all. It takes time to find out what kind of support works well for us and who we can trust with our deepest, most vulnerable parts.

I don’t regret any of the people I’ve connected with on a deeper level. However, I am much more careful when I say yes to collaborations of any kind than I used to be. 

I hope you enjoy my guided meditation in this post and if you long for deeper support and loving guidance I’ve got only 4 more spaces left for Intuitive Readings and only 2 for my Wise Woman Mentoring. I can’t recommend investing in the right support for you enough! It’s such an important part of growing a soulful, sustainable business that feeds not only your soul and heart but your whole life. I love sharing my experiences and the powerful tools I use to keep expanding and growing even more in my sacred business and life.

This is possible for you too! If you can dream it, you can create it. 

I also wanted to share another free gift for you! Do you feel like connecting deeper with your spirit guides? Or do you wish to expand your intuitive work and feel called to add their powerful guidance to your sessions?

I’ll draw 3 beautiful winners by next Monday, May 16.

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Find out more about it here.

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